The Cartoon Roach is simply fun


The Cartoon Roach is simply fun

For those who love killing insects at every opportunity, then the Cartoon roach is very ideal for you. The Cartoon Roach is a simple and fun game.

When looking for something to do to kill time, then look no further as the Cartoon Roach is a simple yet fun game to play. The concept behind it is very easy to understand. The main idea is to go crazy and kill all the roaches as the move around the screen. Killing and again killing sound so easy, but there is a catch, you do not kill all the roaches as some of them are good. If you kill the good roaches then too bad, your end is near.

As you kill more and more of these roaches then you earn additional weapons and tools. Golden stars come onto the screen only after some few smashes. They accumulate at the top of the screen. You can also use the option of shaking of your devise to kill the evil roaches. During the game you may be lucky enough to get a pesticide bomb, this kill the pests instantly.

The more time you take playing the tougher the roaches become. It requires quite a handful of tricks to manage to eliminate them permanently. If you consider the Konoha Ninja, which is a type of roach, it confuses the player by sending identical fake roaches which cannot be killed until the real one is identified and destroyed.  On the other hand, in order to eliminate the the Spartan Roach, one must make sure that they make a swipe and tap. Not all the roaches are bad. Some are good, for example the Archangel, Santa. Note that all the roaches appear different with different comments in the catalog.

Before you commence playing the Cartoon Roach, you can first take a look at the catalog so as to get knowledge of which roaches are good and those that need to be killed. This is important so as to avoid any confusion that may arise as the game is being played.  However, one has the option to start the game immediately.

Some of the social features you can find on this game is Facebook which allows you send an email to the store where you can find the Cartoon Roach. The Cartoon Roach is a game played by one person unlike many other games that require an opponent to play with. This is a very strong advantage as one is independent enough to choose when they want to play.  This game can become your favorite pass time. The Cartoon Roach is simply fun and exciting for all to play and pass time.

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