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SkyGrid for Trending News


SkyGrid for Trending News

SkyGrid can be defined as a modern technology that seeks to gather together various articles across the internet. SkyGrid has the ability to sort out news according to different topics. For instance, they are various sections available. If you look at the ‘What’s Hot” Section then you will view trending news and articles from diverse sources. With SkyGrid once you select a topic you get an entire list of different articles and publications that are available all over the web. This makes it very easy for the user to get the kind of information he or she wants at a touch of a button. SkyGrid is a very convenient method of searching for trending news and its use is on the increase.

Of course, there is the more outdated browsing technique whereby you such the articles by category. This is a slower and less effective method. It is actually time consuming. SkyGrid is a modern universal app and is very easily adaptable to any iOS device. This makes users enjoy the best experience despite the different devices they could be using such as the iPhone or iPad. It utilizes the side panel in the landscape mode while on the other hand it accepts one to enjoy full screen browsing when in portrait mode.

Though one would select a trending news topic the articles would lack consistency at times. A good example is when you click on a particular specified story you may find the selected news articles including completely different kinds of topics. Even the search engine of the iPad had such kind of hiccups.

Once the topics were selected and found, you would find them including diverse sections of the web. Depending on an individual this could be a plus or minus. For a person whose preference of reading news would be The New York Times or ABC News then SkyGrid would be rather disappointing as it will do a broader search from anywhere. The results presented would be very broad, this means one would have to go through all the data presented to select what they want.

With SkyGrid you will find extra features provided. These features include the ability to share an article through Twitter, Facebook or Saving it to SkyGrid and reading it later.

If you are one person who enjoys analyzing trending news then SkyGrid will work perfectly for you. SkyGrid has made an enormous contribution to the world of trending news and working with it is not only informative but exciting as well. For those seeking to get broad news information then SkyGrid would be the best way to go. Move with the times and utilize this vital app.

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