Refresh, discover and enjoy with Frogiz Puzzle Logic


Refresh, discover and enjoy with Frogiz Puzzle LogicCould you be looking for a good puzzle game? I have news for you. There is a wonderful puzzle game that is hidden in the App store and is a pleasure filled experience that is special and a joy to play .You may not have heard of Frogiz before, but it promises to thrill if puzzles is your thing. Though it resembles Fling, it possesses its own varied objectives and it is more structured .Frogiz contains a 5×5 table with pink and green frogs and square lillypads .The aim is to clear the table by controlling the frogs and lillypads depending on the games rules. One is declared the winner after achieving exactly that. Though it may sound simple it is challenging yet still   interesting.

Frogiz is a truly unusual, yet amazingly interesting and logical puzzle game. Its idea is basic, but the puzzles are gradually tricky to comprehend and apply. Incase you lose your way in the course of play press the undo button which is in the bottom right screen to erase the move that you played before or press and keep down the undo button to  restore the level. At each level there is soft and easy music played in the background which is aimed at soothing and relaxing the player. In addition to the music it also contains colorful cartoon graphics which are pleasant to view and also contain   some sound effects.

What you are required to do is a piece of cake. Merge any two frogs or two lillypads together in the same square by pressing the first one, then the other, after which they will disappear. The intention is to pair them according to color or shape .Once the frog is placed on the lily pad, it is contained and therefore it cannot hop to another shape. Here careful   and visionary planning coupled with speed and accuracy are a requirement .One will receive a bonus if he can achieve this in the shortest time possible. After you have gone through the first ten rounds, there will be a reward of three clues which will be applicable in each future level .These clues are very necessary and sufficient in the subsequent levels of the puzzle game.

After all is said and done, Frogiz remains and will still remain a concrete mathematical puzzle whereby one earns points easily, yet it retains a competitive nature to keep it relevant without being unnecessarily frustrating .It works well with Open Feint, auto saves, and also it provides a way to come up with your own puzzles .It is a must have puzzle. Get it now for only one dollar. What a bargain.

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