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Scodix-S75Offset printing is not a new concept and has been around for about a hundred years. For decades, offset printing has been one of the best methods of printing anything used in commercial circles, from brochures, postcards, advertisements, booklets, magazines, newspapers among others.

In general terms, offset printing is the transfer of ink from a specific plate onto a sheet of rubber and rolling the ink upon a piece of vinyl, paper or a surface of some kind. Today, as has been the case in the last hundred years, offset printing has always been regarded as the best way of printing that assures the highest quality. Beyond an illustrious past and satisfactory printing all these years, Scodix offset printing is now taking this method of printing using presses to a whole new level.

Scodix Offset printing just as offset printing helps in printing very large sheets and can even print lots of pieces fast than most digital printing presses will ever do. Scodix provides a genuine option and solution for most businesses facing lots of commercial printing challenges. They are able to easily and efficiently retain their customers while attracting new ones and remaining as profitable as ever in one of the most competitive industries globally.

Innovative solutions

Every business owner and customer loves an innovative product or solution. Through the production of premium, in-house packages with embossed and metallic folding type of carton, a manufacturer directly provides a brand owner what he or she has been looking for; differentiation and innovation.

Web-to-printing services have become the mainstay of many businesses today and help to cut on printing costs for commercial purposes. Through in-house Scodix SENSE technology, customers are provided the lowest costs for every page with very quick turnarounds. At the end of the day, every client is delighted by a quick effective and quality service at the most affordable price.

Brand owners and designers

Every brand owner and designer wants to ensure his or her brand has been taken to the next level. Through Scodix technology, a brand owner or designer can now demand more than ever before the best and highest quality including a production of the most eye catching designs out there. Scodix SENSE is the best way to bring great design ideas into life today.

High productivity and high value

Scodix offset printing through the Scodix Ultra Digital Press is one of the best ways of attaining the highest value with the highest productivity since it is founded on fixed arrays of UV inkjet print heads. It is a modern and latest technology in presses designed with efficiency in mind. There are all kinds of polymer canisters available for use and selection can be done by an operator as required and quickly switched through the touch screen that is very intuitive.

Maintenance of the machine can also be done remotely or automatically. Only a single operator is required to run the new Scodix Ultra Digital Press and setting it up is very rapid. The design presses and implementing all enhancements wanted can be done hand in hand with every quality requirement you have on demand and in-house. A short run with this technology becomes highly profitable.

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