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Gadgets and gizmos under the Christmas tree are always a resounding success with many lads, and technically inclined ladies, as a special gift over the festive period. With the mass of quality consumer conglomerates around the globe, picking the best Christmas gadget is often the tough decision, and tablets and smartphones have some of the fiercest competition around for that number one spot. So what do you look for when picking out a tablet and smartphone for your loved one this year? Brand loyalty or simply looking for the fastest and brightest? Take a look through our selection of tablets and smart phones for Christmas 2012.

Samsung S3 Smartphone:

We all know that with one of the fastest chips and most beautiful screens on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the leading smartphones at the moment, and questionably the Top Android Smart Phone available at the moment. Making use of the Jelly Bean operating system, many know the specs of the phone but it’s the little bonuses that push the gadget lover over the edge. Smart stay, which keep your phone illuminated while it tracks your eye viewing the screen and AllShare, which allows you to transfer photos to other devices with a simple flick of the hand or use your phone as a games controller are just two of many features that sets this phone apart as the perfect Christmas gift.

Windows Surface:

Microsoft’s make or break move into the world of mobile computing, Surface is their internally developed hardware that is set to match the anticipation of Windows 8. Available in both RT and Pro versions and with internal memory of between 32 and 128gb, this 10” tablet will ship with covers that double as touch keyboards and the ability to expand storage space with MicroSD and USB ports standard. Both models will have the latest HD screen technology although currently only the RT model is available from Friday 26th of October, coinciding with the international launch of Windows 8. Time will tell whether this tablet is a contender for tech of the year.

iPad Mini:

We’ve all been part of the media hype around Apple products. With new market entries of the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, apple is trying to secure their position across all mobile computing, from smartphone through to full tablet. This 7” tablet has recently launched in the US only, and features all the aspects of the standard iPad that you love, simply in a smaller package and at a cheaper price. Don’t expect expandable memory, but prepare for one of the most comprehensive and user friendly tablet experiences on the market. Just ask Siri, and she’ll tell you this is a gadget to pick up this Christmas.

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Alan Stoker is a technology enthusiast who is eager to share is knowledge of everything with bright screens and loud speakers. Unfortunately, listening to Alan’s advice on whats hot, may force you to take out cash loans over this festive season to be able to afford everything that is on his wishlist. Lucky for him, he’s a gizmo and gadget tester at an underground lair, similar to that of James Bond’s.

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