Four Features You Need To Make Sure Your SAS Solution Stands Up To High Demands


We live in a world of high computing demands. Everyday new web 2.0 applications come out, and in order to stay leading edge and competitive, your business must adapt. Video is being created and viewed more than ever online. And millions of emails are sent and received every day. To be the IT hero in your company, you need a SAS solution that will stand up to these ever increasing demands the employees in your company put on the system. Now more than ever, storage volumes are increasing at an exponential rate, creating a demand that your system must be ready for. After all, being without crucial data and storage in a multitude of applications that businesses have come to rely on can mean disaster.

To be certain your solution has what it takes to stand up to the increasing demands, here are a few vital features to be certain that you have.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

SAS storage should be scalable without losing any performance. As the business grows, so should your capabilities to store. Staying flexible is crucial in today’s ever changing business environment, and with new innovations in networks, there is an expectation that your systems should be able to scale quickly and as needed.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

It is not enough to be scalable and flexible, you must also provide your management team with a low cost solution. Finding one that is only used when needed automatically reduces your TCO, and you can save money on energy expenses and unnecessary maintenance.

  • High Performance

Your company will notice if applications slow down or access to vital databases is not as fast as it once was whenever you scale upwards. Instead, find a solution that allows you to still maintain high performance speeds even when adding more storage. Direct attached storage (DAS) is another good way to ensure your company’s speed remains high and efficiency does not suffer, because only one person will be pulling from the server at a time.

  • Increased Connectivity

Your solution should be able to connect to multiple devices. For example, SAS Switch from the LSI Corporation can connect with up to 1,000 devices. This allows for more users to be on the system.

The job of a CTO becomes more complex as technology advances and the needs of the business world changes. It’s time to switch from using outdated solutions to store your data to a new way. Making information sharable is crucial in today’s fast paced business environment, and as the company grows, it is vital to have a system that can grow and scale as needed with it. Performance cannot suffer from lack of scalability or too few resources, and overall costs should be kept at a minimum.

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