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Although it may seem like from the stone ages, there was a time when people actually sat down to do their finances with pen and paper on a regular basis. The rapid expansion of technology has permeated every aspect of life, not least of which is financial planning. In modern times, there are countless software apps on the market that aim to ease the strain of every possible aspect of dealing with your financial affairs. Every app may not be right for every person, but if you’re looking for something to ease the burden of managing your money, there’s something in this list for you.

The cream of the crop when it comes to financial apps, Mint is a full-featured personal budgeting and finance tool that automatically updates bank balances, tracks spending, and has both mobile and desktop versions.


Love it or hate it, PayPal has become a necessity for many different online needs. Their app is especially well-polished and allows easy sending and receiving of funds from the comfort of a mobile phone or tablet device.


Because so much weight is placed now on a person’s credit score, it pays to stay up-to-date on what is causing a person’s score to change. The FreeCreditScore app is not actually free, but a monthly fee gives a person access to real-time updates about their credit score.


Day-to-day budgeting can be a real hassle for a person that is trying to watch their spending, but the iReconcile app makes it easy by separating spending into different categories and creating working divisions of a person’s spending budget.

Gas Cubby

Paying too much for gas is something that many people are guilty of, but the Gas Cubby app hopes to change all that. Working on a mobile platform, the app displays the current price of local gas stations so users can get the best deal.


For a person that likes to invest in the stock market, it helps to have an app that will track the constantly changing prices of their holdings. Wikinvest imports a person’s holdings at most brokerages and shows real-time data about the trading price.

E*TRADE Mobile Pro

If a person would rather be buying and selling stocks than watching the action from the sidelines, the Mobile Pro app from E*TRADE may be the best bet. It’s free and gives free trades for the first two months.


Not technically a financial app, iSlick is a great choice for someone wanting to maximize their spending dollar. Tracking the best deals from Groupon and other discount sites, iSlick brings it all together in an attractive and easy to read package.


Keeping receipts can be a pain, but there is a digital age solution. ShoeBoxed takes pictures of receipts and uploads them to expense reports that use standard PDF, CSV, and XLS file formats.

Because financial apps come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, a person should always try before they buy. Any good program will offer potential customers to take a test spin to try out the features before making a financial investment in the software. After trying out several versions, a person will have a better idea of what they are looking for and will be able to find a financial app perfectly suited to their needs.

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