How To Repair Your iPhone 5 For Under £50


It hit the news recently that Apple were charging rather large amounts for repairs of their new iPhone 5C; although this is something they have been doing a while. If you’re like us, and don’t want to fork out half your month’s budget on fixing your phone, then you’re probably looking for cheap repair solutions. We’ve put together some of the most common iPhone 5 fixes for under £50, enjoy!

Home or Power Button

The main reason any of the buttons stop working on an iPhone 5 tends to be a build-up of dust, dirt and grime, lodging the button in place. Although you might not be able to see anything in particular blocking the button it is definitely worth trying to give it a clean. You’ll need something thin and sharp to pull the dirt out (a pin will do nicely) and a cotton bud with a tiny amount of phone cleaning spray on it. Gently scrape the pin around the edges of the button, wiping the dirt onto a tissue as you go. Be careful not to push too hard or you might damage the inside of the phone and then it really is going to cost more than £50! Once you’ve got as much of the dirt out as possible, use the cotton bud to wipe round the edges. If the button still doesn’t work then it is likely that it needs to be replaced by a professional.

How To Repair Your iPhone 5 For Under £50

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Battery Replacement

The battery of an iPhone always seems to be the first thing to go, normally through overcharging. If you find that your iPhone 5 isn’t lasting longer than a few hours then it is definitely time for a battery replacement. You could try replacing the battery yourself, but it’s a pretty tricky thing to do. You’re also going to void your warranty with Apple if you start taking your phone apart and replacing bits. The best thing to do with a faulty battery is to Get It Repaired which will still cost under £50 and be a lot less than the cost of a new phone. A new battery should eliminate any of the problems you were having before, such as your phone turning itself off at inconvenient times!

Water Damage

Getting your iPhone 5 wet is sometimes inevitable and, as with most technology, it doesn’t like being soggy. If you leave a wet iPhone then you may notice some problems further down the line, even if they don’t show up automatically. If drop your phone in the bath or leave it in the washing machine then you need to act quickly. There are lots of weird and wonderful ways to dry your phone such as leaving it in an airing cupboard or putting it in a bowl of dry rice. Whatever you do, don’t apply direct heat to the phone as it will melt the insides. If you’re still having problems with water damage then see if your insurance policy covers a replacement.

The three most prominent iPhone 5 faults and the three simplest ways to deal with them. Remember that taking apart your iPhone can invalidate the warranty with Apple and so only try this if all other options have been exhausted.

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