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How To Build Your Social Media Presence and Gain Customers, Not Just Followers


Your presence on social media can make a huge difference in your sales numbers. You have to use social media to its full advantage, though. There are several things you can do to gain social media followers and convert them to customers who interact and purchase your products and services.

Offer Enticing Deals

Reward consumers for sticking with you on your social media sites. Give them reasons to keep coming back to your company’s page and you will quickly turn them into regular customers.

This means offering enticing deals to people who not only like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter but engage with your company as well. Reward people for sharing your company’s page with their Facebook and Twitter friends.

For example, you can offer a special discount code to people who refer others to your social media pages and your main website as well. This will keep them excited and enthusiastic about your company, which will likely turn them into customers.

How To Build Your Social Media Presence and Gain Customers, Not Just Followers

Start an Affiliate Programme

By starting an affiliate programme on your company’s webpage you can get people to become your customers. The way an affiliation programme works is your customers place an ad for your company on their website and every time someone clicks on your company URL from the customer’s site, the customer is rewarded for it and your company makes money from it.

Affiliate programmes can go a long way in recruiting and maintaining a strong customer base. Since they are beneficial for your customers, it is likely those customers will get their friends and family to be affiliates as well.

Maintain a Strong Presence

Just having a few social media accounts isn’t enough to bring in customers. Practically every company and cause has some sort of Facebook page or Twitter account. You need to maintain a strong presence on social media sites in order to attract customers to your company and keep them coming back.

You should post compelling updates to your sites on a regular basis. The more often you update your social media pages the more people will show interest in your company. At the same time, you can’t spam them with pointless rubbish. If you have nothing interesting to say, don’t say it.

It takes constant work to attract customers to your company and get those customers to keep returning to it over and over again.

Monitor Your Social Media Stats

Keeping up with your social media stats will help you determine if the methods you have been using help you succeed in gaining customers. Facebook allows you to see the stats for any page at any time. These stats will tell you how many people are talking about you on Facebook and how many have seen your posts. Use this information to tailor your campaign and turn mere fans into paying customers!

For help in building your company’s social media presence, contact Space & Time. Their professional services can help you turn your social media followers into customers who stay loyal to your company and allow it to thrive.

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