Data Centers That Utilize Creativity And New Architecture


Data Centers that Utilize Creativity and New Architecture

You may be shocked to know that there is more to data center design than just where to put all the humming machines and wires. They truly can be a thing of beauty utilizing some of the most modern and beautiful architecture in the world. Large corporations across the world are using creativity while designing their data centers. And some of those centers are the most unique in the world. They become one of a kind locations and buildings that seem to take on actual personalities. And some of them are breath-taking to look at. Businesses have found the perfect balance between functionality and architectural artistry that is second to none.

More than Machines and Data

There are several centers that have gone above and beyond the ordinary. They have taken full advantage of the landscape, environment, and layout to turn their data centers into something marvelous. There is a facility in Stockholm, Sweden that resembles a bunker. It has been called The Bahnhof Data Bunker, after the James Bond villain. They built it into actual granite rock in the Vita Berg Park and it is one hundred feet under the town of Stockholm. There are numerous features to this “bunker” that makes it extraordinary. It has waterfalls and greenhouses, and uses German submarine engines to simulate daylight. It is so secure and durable that it can withstand the blast of a hydrogen bomb.

On the Syracuse University campus there is a green data center run by IBM. It is fairly small size wise, only about 12,000 square feet overall. It uses many different systems to reduce power and cooling impacts. It makes use of micro-turbine engines that use only natural gas as a power source. It also uses absorption chillers and it reuses heat from nearby buildings. They have utilized energy efficiency to run this data center for the best available power savings.

There is a data center located deep within a limestone mine in Western Pennsylvania. This facility is owned and run by Iron Mountain whose initial goal was to keep its customers’ data safe and secure in a bunker-like environment. The mine itself is over one million square feet in size but Room 48, which is the actual data center, was created in 1998 and only takes a minute portion of that space. It is a very energy efficient location.

As you can see, much more effort has gone into data center design to enhance efficiency and work environment. They can be fun, beautiful, and innovative.

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