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The LG Cosmos Touch is a typical messaging phone which does not have many multimedia features and is not worth its price. Although, the Cosmos Touch is a pretty much decent messaging phone, but its price being $79.99 is not worth the package.


The length of LG Cosmos is 4.05 inches, its width 2.08 inches, its thickness 0.65 inches and its weights being 4.37 ounces. It is light weight, solid, small and easily fits into the pocket. It is observed that the Cosmos phone is quite small for a touch screen phone. The display of the phone is 2.8 inches, just like its small stature and this makes it non enjoyable to view videos and web pages. Although, the phone is just a basic messaging phone which is not meant for extensive multimedia purposes, it has vibrant and colorful graphics and images with a 262,000 color support and a 400×240 pixel resolution. Other than that the phone also enables users to change the wallpaper, alter the backlight timer, the screen image during charging, the display themes, different font types during texting and dialing and the format of the clock.

The bottom of the home screen has shortcuts to the phone dialing, the contacts list, the main menu and the messaging menu. The touch of Cosmos requires the user to pressurize when operating the touch as it is not that responsive. Although, the Cosmos signifies the touch with the help of a vibration, it is still not thought of as a responsive touch phone. However, some physical keys are situated below the display for Send, End/Power function and Back/Voice command. On the left side of the Cosmos, the volume rocker and a Micro USB charging port are found, whereas the screen lock, camera key and micro SD card slot are situated on the right side. However, the camera lens is found on the back with a 3.5 mm headset jack on the top.

In order to get the QWERTY keyboard, the display has to be slid to right. The slider is robust and firm whereas the orientation switches from portrait to landscape on the phone being open. The keys of the keyboard are rightly spaced with a slight raise which makes it easy to type and dial with haste.

Features and Performance

The LG Cosmos Touch allows an entry of 1,000 members in the phone book with space for five numbers for each contact, two e-mail addresses, street address, notes and an IM screen name. The phone has the option of organizing your contacts into groups, assigning a picture to your contacts and allocating a ringtone to them for caller ID. The ringtones present in the phone are 18 in number but you can also download more.

The Cosmos comes with basic features including a speakerphone, a calculator, a vibrate mode, a tip calculator, a voice command option, a calendar, a world clock, an alarm clock, a drawing pad, a notepad, a stopwatch, a USB mass storage, Bluetooth along with stereo support, GPS with the VZ navigator, a wireless Web browser with Bing search and voice recording.

It also has ability to allow for Hotmail, Gmail, AOL Instant messenger, Yahoo IM, Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. It also has a music player where you can load MP3 through the micro SD card slot and expand the memory up to 16 GB. The photo quality is very dim and washed out which is expected from the 1.3 megapixel camera. The battery of the phone offers 6 hours talk time and 20 days standby time and the overall performance of the phone shows a great room for improvement.

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