HTC HD7 (T-Mobile) Review


T-Mobile’s first cell which incorporates the Windows 7 is HTC HD7. The cell was introduced in the market during the first week of November last year along with Samsung’s Focus and HTC’s surround with the carrier AT&T. Having been launched recently, the factor which makes the cell stand apart is its largest display amongst Windows Phone 7 across the United States. HD 7 is a perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy gaming and multimedia experience on a large display. T-Mobile has priced the product at $199.99 which includes a two year contract and a $50 mail in rebate.


HTC’s HD7 has all the basic features which you would expect from a cellular phone. It offers you features such as text and multimedia messaging, call waiting and forwarding, voice dialing, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi and GPS. Since the features of this cell are based on HD, thus it offers you various channels for subscription fees of $9.99/month. These channels have been added by T-Mobile itself and there are also some preloaded apps. Like other cells, initially it offers you limited apps. However, over a period of time, more apps would be introduced to maximize the utility.

The storage capacity on HTC HD7 is up to 16GB. It does not offer an expansion slot like other devices, therefore, you would have to manage your data accordingly, so that you don’t exceed the given space. The camera installed is set at 5 mega pixels, which allows you to capture decent pictures and HTC provides their own software which enables you to edit pictures and add effects.


HTC HD7 by far is the best amongst the Windows Phone 7 because of its large display. This not only allows it to stand apart from other devices but also catches the attention of most people. The cell weighs at 5.7 ounces. It is 4.8 inches tall and 2.7 inches wide. The cell is 0.4 inch thick and that makes it appear slim and exquisite. The advantage of the large touch screen allows its users to experience HD from an absolutely new perspective. This is the first of its kind which has been introduced by HTC amongst the Windows phone 7. Furthermore, the keyboard is large enough so most users feel at ease while performing any operation. The touch screen is also very responsive which allows you to move faster between screens. The added feature of HTC HD7 is that it provides a stand on the back side of the cover which allows you to enjoy video viewing.

The Good: First amongst the Windows Phone 7 to have an 4.3 inch large display, offers HD video recording, kick stand for video viewing.

The Bad: No room for expansion of memory, speaker quality is poor if heard in an open space.

Bottom Line: If gaming and video viewing is your first priority then this is the perfect device for you. However, it stands out amongst the other Windows Phone 7 mobile phones due to its large display which catches the eye of most people.

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