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Larger businesses and corporations have a unique hurdle to overcome with regards to data storage – there is a lot of it, and you need to be able to navigate and access it quickly. Keeping all of your data in a centralize location where it can be located quickly is crucial to the success of your corporation. Utilizing unstructured data archiving is the best way to accomplish this task as it will allow you to easily store and search through all of your big data.

All of the Files, All Accessible

One of the greatest benefits of using this kind of system is that you can store all variations of file types on one platform. This allows you to avoid the hassle of having multiple platforms for all of the various file types used within your corporation. It also allows you to manage your records without risk of error since it is on one platform.

Benefits of Archiving

Chances are, you have many employees who are working on many things. It would be highly unusual that no one else would need access to the information that one person has been working on. With this data archiving, you can consolidate all of your data into the centralized platform and, better yet, you can then instantly search through the repository.

Data archiving meets many regulations, including SEC, FERC, and NASD. It will also allow you to have real-time storing of all data sources and provide a digital chain-of-custody. Also, this kind of platform will save your business a lot of money as you will not have to pay costly fees for multiple platforms to house your data. It is all located within one in-house vault.

Before data storage, you may have had separate servers for your sharing, files, and mail, but with this platform you eliminate the need for all of those extra units, saving space and money. There will be no more digging through multiple servers looking for the data you need. The search will, in seconds, provide you with just what you were looking for. There is no need to worry about security issues with one server as management can designate employee access allowing you to keep all data in one place without opening up the information to everyone. When you are trying to run a corporation, you need unstructured data archiving to keep track of all of your important documents, emails, and other data in one location that you can depend on.

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