Yes, I Admit It – I Work When I'm On Holiday Sometimes!


For many of us, nothing quite matches the exuberance of a holiday in a sun-kissed resort. After fifty weeks of work and family pressures, it’s good to get away for a few days with little to disrupt the itinerary of resting, eating, drinking and swimming under a hot sun and some clear blue skies.

There are some people, and I’m ashamed to admit that I’m one of them, who are unable to completely unwind on holiday, even if they are in the perfect vacation paradise that offers all the facilities we need to unwind. It seems that work will always be a nagging thought while we’re lying on a sun-lounger with a good book and a wonderfully cold beer.

Although I have no intention of ever spending each and every day of my holiday working, I do still like to keep up to speed with what’s happening in the office. I also need, from time to time, to spend an hour or two working on a project now and again, so I always make sure I’m prepared when I travel abroad.

Have laptop, will travel

My trusty laptop has been to more countries than many of the people I know, and it continues to be the first item I pack in my flight bag. Even if I only need it briefly each day, perhaps for an hour or so every morning, I don’t want to have to rely on the small keyboard of a tablet computer, and I certainly don’t intend to rely on my cellphone to get any work done.

Although my family have given me plenty of exasperated glances when I start to do some work at the holiday villa or in the hotel, they have come to accept this issue now. I can’t help it, and nor would I want to – I guess it’s just the way I’m made. For me, I can relax more for the rest of the day if I know I’ve done at least SOME work in the morning.

One of the major issues for me and most others who like to work a little during vacation time is the availability of web access. Many of the world’s finest holiday resorts are understandably off the beaten track, so they may not be home to a decent signal. There are ways around this, of course, but my favourite option is to always look for an Internet cafe. The best ones are usually comfortable and air-conditioned, and offer a pleasing range of refreshments for myself and my fellow obsessives.

David Showell lives in the UK and is a regular visitor to other countries. He works for

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