Tiny Zoo in IPhone


Tiny Zoo in IPhone

Tiny Zoo is one of the captivating and fascinating simulation games which have recently become available in an iPhone platform. Though not everyone is into games like this, this social game is undeniably enticing. In fact, there is a growing fan base online. Now available for iPhone users, this game is even more addictive than before.

The game itself is not something new, rather familiar. The main aim of this simulation game is to simply build a wonderful zoo which is completely full of hundreds of animals. To build this zoo, the user needs animals, concessions, and other things needed to run a zoo. At first, the user simply collects all kinds of over 60 different animals from a little Panda to a very big Lion. The zoo must have to breed all the animals in order to get more of them. After collecting the animals, these animals should be sent to the laboratory where new kinds of animals are created through breeding. Use paths, flowers, trees, and other things available in order to decorate the zoo and make it more beautiful. The more beautiful the zoo is, the more visitors are likely to come. These visitors should be happy all the time by offering them with different food and shops.

During the start of the game, the user can add few things for free. After which, there is a need for more zero dollars to keep playing. These zoo dollars can be translated to actual dollars. The application has in-game items available that a user can purchase with real cash. If a player is really addicted to simulation games like this, there might be a need to spend some cash to add some premium items to the Tiny Zoo. Some people would not recommend buying the premium items. However, it’s definitely a must-try to download this game and try it out. In one way or another, the user will have quite a bit of fun with it. The best thing about simulation games like this is that they are known by just about anyone who has a computer with internet connection, so there is always a chance to find someone who can relate to it. With that, it’s really not a bad deal after all.

As far as the designs are concerned, this is a game that is detailed, cute, and colorful. The interface is easy to go through and the background music is fine without being unnecessarily annoying. Everything goes well with the journey from an empty lot to a zoo of cute wildlife that little virtual people can visit for a fee.

The best thing about simulation games like this is that it teaches players, especially the little gamers, the basics of economic management in a fun way. Kids are educated in this little fun package that is somehow relevant in today’s situation, especially the economic downturn happening. For kids, this will teach them about how to handle money. This application is for free, so it’s a basically a win-win situation for everybody.

To use this application, there is a need for internet connection or  Wi-fi. The Tiny Zoo can also be shown to every friend on Facebook or Twitter.

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