4 Techie Stocking Stuffers For Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner, and that leaves very little time to find great stocking stuffers for your family. If you’re from a family of tech heads, you might be worried about what you can get everyone on a limited budget. Fortunately, we have a list of great options that are sure to wow your loved ones during the holidays. Here are four techie stocking stuffers for 2012.

A SmartPen is a device that works like an ink pen but has the ability to memorize movements on a page. This pen can also record audio, convert notes to digital files, and much more. If you have a college student in your family, this kind of device could be great for him or her to use in class. As long as the person has the need to take notes, he or she can use this kind of device.

The CallPod ChargePod offers users a chance to charge up to six devices from the same wall outlet. Shaped like a sun, this device has ports for anything your family members could possibly need to charge at once. The Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and PSP can all hook up to this one item, which reduces the amount of cords running around the room. You might like this so much that you get one for yourself!

Mini Microfiber Mitts
This may not sound like a technological gift, but hear me out. Anyone using gadgets on a regular basis is going to have those dreaded fingerprints to take care of. Mini microfiber mitts fit over two fingers, and they are great for cleaning off screens. Doing this will actually help your family members protect their passwords, so there is a lot of good use that can come from something like this. You just have to be willing to give out fuzzy fingercaps for Christmas 😉

LaCie USB Keys
If you want to get your family members something a little cooler than a plain old flash drive, you could try one of the USB Keys from LaCie. These devices are designed to look like regular keys, but they function like thumb drives. You could get ones that look like cool keychains, or you could get ones that look like actual door keys. That’s all up to you. Whatever you choose though, have no fear that it will fit into a stocking.

This holiday season, let the gadgets above be your guide for gift giving. Your family is sure to love whatever you buy.

Melissa McRae is a technology blogger, network administrator, and mother of three. She knows the importantce of the latests technology from new gadgets to data center cooling, she covers what interests her in the world of technology.

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