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5 Killer Social Media Tips for Bloggers


Bloggers are growing evidently, new blogs are being pushed up daily and some are getting doomed. Previous outlook states that blogging plays with Knowledge, Authority, Quality, SEO. But the current and advanced one assimilates other factors like Social Media, Marketing, Bookmarking, etc. These are the new factors involved with blogging and one needs to go parallel along. I would be sharing some simple tips to help you in Social media sites which I applied on my blog when I started my site, where I talk about Nuance and Eltima coupon and these tips would also work for you for sure.

In current blogging era, Social Media plays important role after SEO and Quality Articles because its the only factor that defines you in blogosphere and ranks you accordingly. For the accepted fact, now Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking  is much more depended on SM. Its not limited, one can fetch high amount of traffic, can increase authority, improve SEO, etc with Social Media. As this factor is still unaware for some, here is the top 5 Social Media Tips provided for Bloggers.

social media tips for bloggers

1. Create Brand Awareness:

Working in Social Media, first try to build your own brand based with your blog. Just for the sake! don’t mix up Blogging and SM, both are different factors from now. As you start new business and for propagation you are being polite to customers. In the same way, create your own group or page on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc and start adding as much people, friends, bloggers to your Brand, have polite, nice, helpful conversation to those and people will start to recognize you and this will bring extreme source of traffic to your blog.

2. Simple Navigation to Social Media:

Here, by navigation I mean to apply, always try to put something catchy on your blog that will refer your readers to Social media Brand. You can do so by adding logos of corresponding websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. When referring an reader to your group or page, it has an great advantage, for it works are cloud-linking as he/she might refer some of his friends to your blog.

3. Be Active:

Its just not like that, you have created and popularized your Social Media Brand, so the work is over. If you really apply so, you will get doomed soon. You always need to be active on groups and Facebook Pages Created. The more you are updated one, the better your credibility and importance of blog will increase as Social media way. Yes, being active is really necessary for improving your online Social Media Presence and building a brand.

4. Followers in Twitter:

Twitter is yet the best micro blogging website and we can’t let down its importance. More the followers of your blog, better the response and traffic to enjoy. So try to build relevant follows, use Twitter Follow on your blog and see the magic. And always try to implement the username as your blog as its increase professionalism and gives you better results.

5. Social Media Widgets:

For attracting readers to your Social Media brand, you need to have some fine job. For Social Media Plugins plays an important role, includes the floating bar, Share This Button, Sharing Widgets, etc. You need to apply those on to your blog at an best eye-catchy place, this will of course get the attention of the visitor and will add oneself to your brand.

For the conclusion, I will just advise you to be active on other Social Media Website like Pinterest, DIGG, StumbleUpon, etc as these are the immense source to traffic. And please do follow all the described top 5 social media tips 🙂

Amarendra is blogger, writer cum SEO. He also writes about discount coupon deals as that of Nuance Coupon and Eltima Coupon. He is one of the authors at a discount coupon blog that features jupiter images and istockphoto discount deals.

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