Motorola Droid Pro Review


The Motorola Droid Pro is slightly smaller than the newer Droid X, but about the same as the
Droid 2. It is worth pointing out that this phone, in terms of resolution, may not be as good as
some of the other newer Samsung phones on the market. The screen looks rather pixilated. The
Droid Pro does not make use of AMOLED technology, but its resolution looks decent, especially
with the smaller screen. The full QWERTY keyboard, in a way, makes up for the slightly lower
resolution. The only problem with this model’s display is brightness. This definitely will need
to be adjusted upon purchase. The keyboard features numbers 1-10 on the top row and all the
letters in the alphabet. Due to this useful feature, the keyboard on the Droid Pro will be a little
small for most users.

The phone comes stocked with a 2GB simcard. For those who want a ton of apps, the original
stock simcard can be replaced with a 32GB one. The Droid Pro uses a 1GHz TI OMAP
processor. With its low resolution display, this processor can speed through your basic tasks,
making this a very user-friendly phone. The phone has a rather large removable battery. It also
has a 5 megapixel camera on the back, which works quite well if you know you’re sacrificing a
bit of resolution. The Droid Pro has a notification light on the middle, top part of the phone.
The Droid Pro is very useful for those conducting business abroad. It is a “world phone.” This
phone can easily carry an international plan, which can be accessed using your stock SIM card
with an unlock code from your service provider. This varies between companies with AT&T
and T-Mobile being much more friendly to these international features. Verizon, however,
uses different radio frequencies than the latter two companies, this making certain international
networks unavailable on the Verizon version of the phone.

Like other Droid models, this phone is relatively easy to customize in accordance to your
personal needs. You can even customize the side key on this phone. This enables the user to
set up their own dial or text key. One should not expect the highest quality apps on this phone,
though their appearance is the main problem on the Droid Pro. If this doesn’t bother you, the
apps run pretty smoothly. With the lower resolution, internet also sometimes suffers on this
phone and, even with 3G or 4G, many other users have complained of particularly slow speeds.
Battery life is descent, though may be a bit less than the Blackberry—the product that the Droid
Pro most often comes into comparison with.

Bryant Jennings is passionate about technology and has been devoted Motorola phone customer since he was a child. He is always on the search for the fastest and most up to date devices.

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