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PR Newswire is a worldwide leader of creative marketing as well as communication solutions; on 28th of July it publicized the results of initial scrutiny of data of its press release which depicted an unambiguous disparity among the perceptibility of multi-media press release as compare to the conventional releases (text-only).

Vice President, Social Media, PR Newswire Sarah Skerik said, “Digital and social media are undoubtedly how companies want to communicate and how consumers prefer to receive information. While we suspected all along that multimedia assets were more effective at building broad awareness for a news announcement, we wanted to confirm this assumption with an in-depth examination of our press release data. We were excited to learn just how much more impactful multimedia content really is.”

Engage opportunity everywhere with multimedia, the result of the study indicated that “Key Link” in present chain of communication is content of multi-media. Press releases which integrate elements of multi-media receive more than 77 percent response and interaction as compare to the press releases which have only text. Additionally, the data also revealed that every additional layer of multi-media content which includes photos, video and audio enhances the “Shelf Life” of press release.

PR Newswire helps you engage everywhere, in order to support the findings of this study PR Newswire has decided to remain focused on its multi-media offerings so that consumers could manage and distribute content related to multi-media via all channels.

Let’s discuss how PR Newswire is changing our lives;

ARC Engagement Platform: ARC engagement platform is wide-ranging, collaborative and offers multichannel which has been developed and designed to present on-line audience commitment. Access, Reach, Connect (ARC) presents the opportunity to combine and distribute whole catalogue of Videos, photos, multi-media and P.R. content.

Multi-Media News Releases: Latest MNR of PR Newswire helps to share message of campaign in the format of multi-media by mixing text, audio, video, photos etc.

Photo Services: PR Newswire provides a wide range of services for photo distribution to support every element of data.

Media Room: Media room of PR Newswire offers day long services to integral organizational content and information.


Engage Opportunity Everywhere with Multimedia

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