Be Smarter Faster (and for Longer) with these 10 Android Apps


Android Apps
Given the amount of time we spend on our Android Smartphones, it makes sense to use them, not only as a means to text, get directions and hang out with some angry birds, but to increase our knowledge and access to information.

    • Learn about everything from Chaos Theory to what plants are indigenous to Polynesia with the WikiMobile Encyclopedia. With over 2 million Wikipedia articles you’re sure to satiate your quest for random knowledge. At least until you need a definition for Dadaism.
    • Be prepared to come to the rescue, super hero suit not required, with the handy First Aid app; a rather beneficial skill to have at one’s fingertips, yes?
    • True intelligence understands the power of delegation. With the Personal Assistant, allow bills, frequent flier miles and investments to be handled by something else.
    • Australia’s Feliks Zemdegs solved the Rubik’s Cube in 5.66 seconds, but who’s counting? Download Spin Cube Lite and try your hand at one of the world’s famous puzzles.
    • Die broek ziet er mooi op je is theoretically Danish for “those pants look really nice on you.” Google Translate makes sure that no matter where you are, no matter whom you are with, a compliment is just a quick tap away. Now that’s smart.
    • Feel like your best ideas happen while you’re trying to fall asleep? Place your phone by your bed and allow Sleep Talk to record your brilliant thoughts as you count sheep. Let it run through the night to see if there are any gems of wisdom coming to you from the land of nod.
    • Get your math on with Epic Math Tricks for Android, an app that will have you feeling like the King of the World as you solve complicated math problems quickly using simple tricks. You’ll want to head back to high school just to show Mr. Johnson who’s the boss now.
    • Instead of bad pick-up lines about daddy stealing the stars and putting them in her eyes, show off your planetary knowledge and make the sky come alive with the Sky Map app.
    • Whether you are looking for cocktail party conversation starters or a way to impress your boss at the next water cooler collision, keep your brain awake with TED Mobile. Watch videos with experts tackling everything from how to spot a lie to searching for alien life. Be the guy with something to say and blow some minds.
    •  A brilliant brain can only take you so far.  Pedometer helps you to take care of your health by measuring physical activity throughout the day, estimating  the number of steps you have taken,  number of calories  burned and distance you’ve travelled.

From astronomy to brain puzzles, math shortcuts to how to perform CPR, your Android phone is at the ready to keep those brain synapses firing. With the improvements in the latest Android OS update, phones running on Gingerbread have even more control over application management, allowing you to easily run multiple apps at once. So make your way over to the Android Market, you have a lot of downloading to do.

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