Samsung Zeal SCH-u750 (Verizon Wireless)


If you are also thinking that this cell resembles Samsung’s Alias 2 then you’re absolutely correct. Samsung has recently launched its brand new Samsung Zeal (SCH-u750) which is an identical copy of its previous edition. The reason why Samsung hasn’t changed the designed is because most users have previously liked the dual flip design and chameleonic e-ink keyboard.

The upgraded version of Alias 2 is priced at $79.99 after a $50 rebate which comes with a two year contract.


The design is almost identical compared to the previous version. The cell phone comes black in color with a plastic body. The measurements are 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide and 0.7 inches thick. If you remember, the Alias 2 was dark gray metallic in color with black accents. This is the only change which most of you would notice between the two editions. The weight of the phone is also minimal at 4.34 ounces. Having a compact design, users feel comfortable enough while holding the phone onto their ears and it also fits into the pockets easily.

If any one views this phone for the first time, to them it would seem as an average phone. However, you need to review its feautres in order to be able to make a fair judgement about it. On the front panel, there is a 2 mega pixel camera right at the top with a 1.3 inch external CSTN display screen under it. This screen has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels and displays 65000 colours.  While your main panel is shut, it would show you the reception meter, battery life, time and date. On the side panel you will find a SD card slot which expands up to 32GB. This is also an upgrade compared to the previous version which only went uptill 16GB.

There are various factors which were dissapointment in the previous version and yet have not been updated in this edition either. This includes the 2.5mm headset jack as now most devices come with the 3.5mm jack. The charging port is also a big dissapointment which should have been re-modeled.

Since Zeal (SCH-u750) is a dual flip phone, so it unlocks both in the landscape and the portrait mode. Often users express concern over the hinges as the screen might not be stable if it’s flipped into two different modes. However, Samsung has made sure that users are happy with the hinges which they provide to give the display a stable hold.

The Good: Samsung Zeal (SCH-u750) offers you the dual flip design which allows you to view the display in two different modes; landscape and portrait. It also has an e-ink keyboard, expandable memory and offered in black color.

The Bad: Samsung has been lazy in terms of the designing of the phone which could have been changed. Concerns raised over the previous edition have been left unsettled such as the charging point, low call quality.

The Bottom Line: Those who admire the Alias 2 would prefer upgrading to the Zeal (SCH-u750). However, those who have used Alias 2 and not liked it then they wouldn’t prefer this either.

Samsung Messager III SCH-R750 – blue (MetroPCS)

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