Samsung Messager III SCH-R750 – blue (MetroPCS)


Metro PCS having previously launched the Samsung Messager and Messager II has now launched its brand new Messager III. This is a phone which most users consider decent enough; however its name goes onto annoy people.

When you hear that a latest edition is coming out of the previously existing model, you hope that it would be an improvement. However, this isn’t true for Samsungs Messager III. Instead of improving their specifications, they have degraded it. Previous edition, Messager II was offering a 2.0 mega pixel camera. However this brand new model, Messager III is offering us 1.3 mega pixels. Furthermore, there is nothing new in this cell phone which would go onto impress users. The only change which has been made is in terms of its design. The design has been altered compared to the previous Messager II.

Having received much criticism previously, Samsung hasn’t altered much in this edition as most critics believe that this isn’t a bad device. The product is priced at $89 after $30 mail-in-rebate which is without a contract. Therefore, this product has nothing innovative or new which would make it stand out compared to other products in the same price range.


Design is the only factor which has changed in Messager III. This is the only effort which is recognized by users. Previously, most of its designs were considered blocky, however this design is easier to use with a larger keyboard. The measurements are 4.59 inches long, 2.11 inches wide, 0.57 inch thick and it weighs 3.7 ounces. When you hold the phone, it gives out a comfortable feeling. This edition of the cell is in black and blue color scheme.

If we were to describe the design of Messager III then it could be said that this edition is all about the basics. The QVGA display screen is 2.5 inches long and supports up to 262,000 colors. Keeping the design in mind, the buttons for each operation has been set in such a manner which allows the user to feel comfortable while typing.

As the name of the cell suggests, the Messager III has a separate physical keyboard to offer. If you slide the cell to the left side, it would reveal its full physical keyboards. These buttons are separate than that on the front side of the cell which are mostly used for numerical reasons. However, for the purpose of texting or sending an email, the physical keyboard is given much more preference.


Since the cell is all about basics, thus it has nothing fancy to offer. It can save up to 1000 phone book entries and has 18 polyphonic ringtones. The phone also comes installed with a backup feature which allows you to save your data and be able to restore it if you lose it.

The Good: Offers a separate physical keyboard which is spacious and comfortable, inclusive of all the basic features, reasonably priced.

The Bad: Degraded to a 1.3 mega pixel camera compared to the 2 mega pixel on Messager II, features become boring and a user could feel saturated, basic design.

The Bottom Line: Instead of taking a step ahead, Messager III is more like a step backwards.

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