LG VL600 LTE USB Modem (Verizon Wireless)


The LG Vl600 LTE USB modem by Verizon is the best option for those with Verizon data plans as it provides the quickest internet access solution to them. The price of it is $100 with a two year contract and it cannot be decided whether or not to call it affordable as one has to pay $50 per month for its data plan. Although it is not a perfect device and does not allow multiple user support but these flaws can be foregone for the great connection it has.

Design and Features

If you have seen the Verizon’s Fivespot, you will know that the LG VL600 is of the same size and shape of the multiple-user device. It is quite large in size, has a smooth USB thumb drive but is too massive for a modem that provides internet access to only one computer at a time. The USB connector of the modem is protected with a pliant cover on one side of the modem while on the top of the modem is a tiny flashing LED light which is there to indicate the status of the connectivity; the LED flashes orange and green to show the connecting and connected status respectively.

The LF VL600 gives support to a single SIM card and has a hole at its bottom with a removable cover. The SIM card slot is workable for both 3G and 4G SIM cards. The LG VL600 automatically configures connectivity to the other SIM card network when a particular SIM card network is not available.

The disappointing factor of the LG VL600 modem is that it does not have any integral storage although it does look like a USB thumb drive. One will require installing the Verizon VZ Access Manager, software from the CD given in order to launch the internet connection. Although, the software installing is very simple and easy but it would have been much better and time saving if the software has been installed in it before. Installing the software all over again every time you use it with a new computer is a time consuming task.

As we know that the LG VL600 has rather a big size, it does not easily connect with all USB ports especially those ones that are dipped in laptops. However, it has a 3 foot USB extension string along with a clasp holster to enable all USB ports to connect to it. The modem can be stood up on the laptop screen if you use these accouterments. Also, the VL600 modem performs with Windows computers and provides support to Windows XP.

In order to install the modem you will require following a few simple steps. Firstly, the software from the CD needs to be installed and this will also install the modem driver. Then, you will have to put the modem into the computer’s USB port and it will take around 30 seconds to get ready at each time you plug it in. After that, you will just have to run the Verizon’s VZ Access Manager, press click on Connect and you will be connected to the internet successfully.


The performance of the LG VL600 LTE USB modem proved to be mind-blowing when tested on different tests and places. Therefore, the performance of the modem is very good and a few imperfections in it can be easily avoided!

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