Two Perspectives On Outsourcing SEO In 2012


Search engine optimization is very important when it comes to marketing your site, growing your traffic and making more money. More and more people are interested in SEO because they realize what it can do for their site. By scooting up the search results, you can end up increasing site traffic and income exponentially. SEO may not be a golden ticket, but if you have a good site, it can help you take what you are already doing to develop your site and woo visitors to a whole new level. There are many perspectives on how businesses, organizations and other websites of all sizes should do with their SEO campaigns in 2012. Many of these opinions revolve around outsourcing SEO in 2012 and beyond, and here are just two of those perspectives.

Some feel that outsourcing SEO is a recipe for success.

SEO is not easy. If you don’t know SEO, it can be time consuming and difficult to learn, as there are many separate and distinct elements that go into an SEO campaign. If you or someone else on your team is to start doing SEO, it is going to take some time for them to learn how to do it, and even longer to learn how to do it well. Even if they are already familiar with SEO, they probably won’t be a master of all elements, leading to an uneven campaign, and these SEO efforts will take them away from other tasks. By outsourcing SEO, you are able to find experts in each element of SEO. This means that you can have a complete SEO campaign with the best linkbuilding, articles, etc. all done by experts in those specific areas. Not only are you able to get quality work with outsourcing your SEO in 2012 and in the future, you are able to keep you and your existing team more productive. Also, while you could bring in a new team member (or a whole new team) outsourcing is often considerably less expensive.

Others feel that outsourcing SEO is a recipe for disaster.

This perspective is based on many fears about the quality of outsourced SEO work. While many of these firms and individuals do a great job, it seems that many more put out poor work and produced unbalanced campaigns. Some even do blackhat techniques that could actually end up hurting your site’s search rankings in the long run. Instead of outsourcing SEO, hiring an SEO firm is an alternative, but please note, that even top firms outsource some of the more mundane SEO tasks. Another alternative is doing in house SEO; hiring your own expert can give you high quality, and it can cost a tad less than hiring and agency if you have ongoing SEO demands.


There are many perspectives on outsourcing SEO for 2012 and beyond. These were just two of them. Every website has different needs and a different budget, so there are many factors you will need to take into account before you decide how you want to run your site’s SEO campaign.

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