Recovering Lost or Forgotten PST Password


 PST or Personal Storage Table is a personal folder in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Client, and Windows Messaging. PST stores the copies of messages, events, calendars, and many more items within all these above recommended Microsoft software and thus is protected with the same password as of these tools. So, if you tend to lose the password of any these Microsoft tools then you will lose the accessibility of the PST file associated with that tool. However, you can tackle this situation very easily if you have third-party PST password recovery software with you.

Let us exemplify the above situation. Suppose, you are using MS Outlook as email client in your organization and it is your habit to change the password of your MS Outlook regularly. One fine morning when you came to office, found that you are unable to open you MS Outlook. You tried various combinations of passwords which you generally use in your email accounts but with no luck. Since, MS Outlook doesn’t provide any help to recover lost or forgotten password and it is also impossible to login into your account without providing exact password to MS Outlook. And, it is also impossible to ignore the lost password and create new account since it is your official account and you have some of your very crucial data saved on it.

Thus, this situation calls for third-party PST password recovery software. These software have well-designed user interface which guide you to recover the password of your PST file all by yourself. Reliable PST or outlook password recovery software has simple steps of recovery such as ‘Select PST File’ (the PST file of which the password is lost) and then click ‘Find Password’ button to get the password to open this file. Some advanced software also provide the feature to search for the PST file (if you have forgotten the location of that PST file) in the specific folder and drive. If you will search over the internet for some PST password recovery software you will get a number of them. But, the matter is which is most genuine among the lot.

One of the most reliable and robust software to recover Outlook password is Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery software. This software recovers even those passwords which have special characters with them and thus allow saving the password in text editor. This software basically provides six different sets of passwords and you can use any of these six sets to unlock your Outlook or PST file. In the end the software supports MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010 and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, and 2000.

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