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How to Increase Traffic with Digg


How to Increase Traffic with Digg

Digg is one of the well known platforms when it comes to social bookmarking. If you are new to internet marketing and don’t have any experience with Digg I will recommend you to visit Digg and see how it works. A little introduction will be good regarding Digg for those who are new to internet marketing. The idea comes from traditional books and highlighters. You are reading a book and you have found some useful information, you will certainly highlight it with highlighter for future use.

How to Increase Traffic with DiggThe concept for social bookmarking is same when it comes to internet but the platform has been changed. You have found an important and useful website and you are willing to keep in touch with it, you can simply save it in database of free social bookmarking website for your future use. You are willing that other people should also access your bookmarks you can simply share with them as well. Digg is one of those social bookmarking websites offering internet users to bookmark their important WebPages and websites.

Even each and every social bookmarking website available over World Wide Web can be beneficial but there are couples of websites like Digg, Delicious, Faves, Reddit etc can be really beneficial to spread a word about your favorite bookmarks as well. The first question that comes to mind how these websites can be beneficial to spread a word about your favorite bookmarks. The answer is that these social bookmarking websites allow you to setup up a social network, and where there is a wide social network there are more chances to spread a word.

Let us come to the point, that how Digg can be beneficial to market your favorite bookmarks that can be your business web pages as well. Digg the famous social bookmarking website is programmed in a way that all the famous social bookmarks are ranked up to first page for the visitors of digg to review. Digg with huge amount of daily traffic, and if your favorite social bookmarked web page or website is ranked at the top of the home page of Digg can be certainly beneficial for you as well.

So what are those necessary steps you should take to rank your webpage high in Digg:

  • Register with Digg and Activate Your account via email
  • Submit your favorite website or webpage to Digg
  • Now come to the home page of Digg, and start browsing the profiles of other Diggers
  • Follow them and if you can see the email id in their profile save them in excel sheet
  • Once you follow them they follow you, here a social network builds
  • You used to visit their favorite social bookmarks and they used to your
  • I can say that you have collected many email addresses so far, add them to your online chat messenger like Gmail.
  • Soon you will them saying you to digg their pages and you can say them to digg your pages as well.
  • More and more Diggs you have there are more chances that your page can rank high in first page of Digg.

If you are search engine optimization expert offering affordable SEO services and you are facing problems with traffic, I can say that Digg can be the one of the best platforms to drive traffic for your website. A little hard work is certainly needed but you can hit the target no doubt.

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