Linux Data Recovery Software


Linux Data Recovery Software

Over the past few years, Linux  has gained enough popularity and is now widely used by many industries as well as individual users. Though, the core structure is the same, Linux OS is available in various flavors. As, Linux  is considered to be updated regularly, many users feel their Linux  system almost flawless. But, the fact is that any system can go wrong and Linux  is no exception. In the same context, sometimes, the situation is so complex that data from the Linux  drive either gets deleted or in order to solve the issue, we need to format the drive. In such situations, you can take the help of any  Linux recovery software to recover the lost data back.

There are a number of situations, in which the data gets deleted from the hard drive of your Linux  system. Sometimes, it is the degree of corruption or damage, which leaves no other way except formatting the drive, resulting in the loss of data from the drive. Below are some of the mostly encountered situations, when the hard drive of your Linux  system gets formatted:

  • Formatting of the hard drive accidentally
  • Intentionally formatted the drive, but now wants the data
  • Formatted the volume to increase partition size and valid backup is unavailable
  • Severe corruption of the drive due to virus or malware attack
  • Corruption of the file system
  • Operating system malfunction
  • Any software/hardware contradiction propelled fresh installation of OS etc.

In any of the above instances, all your valuable data in the Linux  drive gets erased. In such a case, if you want your data back, you need to look for any valid backup, so that you can restore them back. You are under serious trouble of loosing valuable data, unless you have any valid backup.

However, data from the Linux  drive never gets permanently lost, until it is being overwritten by some other data. Hence, if the formatted hard drive can be handled against overwriting with some new data, the lost data can be easily recovered by using any Linux  data recovery software.

About: Guest post from kk, who is  working for Stellar Linux data recovery software.

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