Acer Laptop Under $500 Review: Acer AS5736Z – 4460 Review


Acer laptop under $500 review: Acer AS5736Z – 4460 review

Many will insist that popular names don’t handle computing. This is a way of saying that it is not the name of a product that matters but its features. It is still however true that most of the popular names became popular because they produced laptops that had great features for good computing. One of such popular names is Acer. They produce affordable laptops with good features. And even though it may not be a way of praising Acer, they have been classed as producing laptops with similar quality as another popular laptop manufacturer known as Dell. Acer has over the years been known for their several laptops brand and they are an international name when it comes to laptop manufacturing. For this they can rank with other popular names like Toshiba, Asus and HP. They have some well designed laptops and they also have a lot of customers worldwide. Their cheap prices, nice to moderate features and relatively sleek designs have made Acer the favourite laptop manufacturer of a lot of people worldwide. But then there is this Acer AS5736Z – 4460. It has its own features and it has its own price. Below are what people think of this Acer AS5736Z – 4460 and also what its features has to say in its defence.

Major Specifications

  • 2.3GHz Intel T4500 Dual Core Processor
  • 3GB DDR3 RAM
  • 320GB SATA Hard Drive

The Good

Selling at a relatively cheap price of around $449.00, this Acer AS5736Z – 4460 shows that it is worth its price and it can easily be an affordable choice. It comes with the windows 7 Home Premium (64 – bit) which goes well with its 3GB RAM. It has a battery life averaging around 4hrs which is not too bad. It 320GB hard drive is also okay considering its price and the purpose of this laptop. It is a 15.6 inch LCD notebook.


The memory though good for Windows 7 will turn out to be poor for heavy computing like Photoshop. It also cannot handle gaming.  Its processor speed is also okay but to some people it could really be better.

All in all, even though there may be other laptops with a little more features for the same price, this Acer AS5736Z – 4460 is not bad at all. It is good for high school and college students to handle their assignments. And it is also good for students that are not involved in too much gaming. It can also handle light office chores like reading of PDF files, the use of office word, excel etc. In general, it is not a bad laptop for basic computing and if you love Acer it can easily be your good affordable choice. If you are not really an Acer fan then you can consider other alternatives among the other laptop manufacturers. So the conclusion of this Acer AS5736Z – 4460 review is that it is a good laptop for the price with moderate features and it is certainly not a bad buy.

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