Revo 100


Revo 100

If Blu-ray movies furthermore recording the TV program is your passion then you have simply two options; one is a mutual Blu-ray player and PVR, or plainly PC equipped with multimedia features. The Acer Company commenced Revo 100 to demonstrate its smartness and tiny piece of box send forth where the Windows 7 to be. This tiny box gives you the shape of PlayStation 2 which is capable to be mounted with the supportive stand supplied with the product or laid flat. But similar to the other products, power switch is only the single physical control maintained at the top edge by the bronzed tube which is in the sense the absence of remote control in the conformist manner. As a replacement for both touch keyboard and touchpad a small panel workouts situated beneath the Blu-ray drive. While on the touchpad mode, you just have to jog your tiny finger over the pad as you do on a notebook. You just have to push the switch panel located on the rear edge, and you get a convoluted featured keyboard layout. Also, some foreign accented keys are equipped on it and few of the special multimedia keys are altogether outfitted for the Windows Media Center to run wisely. Being the touchpad is simply not easy, so they are petite over-sensitive moreover the double-hit is easy to commit although the beep sound is made for every stroke you made on the touchpad. Not only that, it lacks the intended mouse-button areas rather without doubt the negative point.

Furthermore, 1.3 GHz processor of AMD Neo K325, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and 500GB Hard Disk, those are typically initiated in regular laptop computers. Enough for the 1080p HD video plus Blu-ray playback, the Nvidia Ion graphics processor is drawn on Revo 100 been the odd combination also acts prudently but high frame rates gaming doesn’t give the desired result. The connection to the TV or display is done via HDMI port and beside that there is the presence of sockets for TV aerial, gigabit Ethernet, along with optical as well as mini-jack audio. There are a couple of USB 2.0 ports located at the back and one at the front besides the SD/Memory card reader. In frequent tests, Revo 100 showed the best result playing HD media and Blu-ray playbacks with less clatters other than the Blu-ray drive makes in notebook. It also comes with a built-in TV tuner that acts handy but the thing is, recording could only be made when you watch something, so if there were two tuners, it could have been possible to watch and record the two programme simultaneously. There is no reason to pay more for only the multimedia PC rather than just £300 with the mutuality of PVR as well as Blu-ray player. What you will need if it supports the whole 64-bits of Windows 7 version with its slimmer and sleeker looks. Even though if you conjure in internet access and the basic game fantasy then you will be playing much more than it really needs. So, if you are going to use it more precisely then £539 is the better idea.

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