Official Canon Scanner below $700


Official Canon Scanner below $700

The Canon imageFormula only cost the bit high that others but apart from the price $645, with perfectly trimmed top. However, the DR-2020U Document Scanner is a lot better than most multifunction devices, and better in many ways than most document scanners also similarly priced. If you need a flatbed scanner for documents in a small office or workgroup, for example, the DR-2020U includes a material surface, so that can scan bound, as the book and the pages of the magazine and the  document scanners, low-cost platforms, including the Epson WorkForce GT-1500 ($ 349.99 USD), notable for providing duplex scanning. The DR-2020U measures 7.1 by 15.8 by 17.3 centimeters (AAP). The configuration consists primarily of moving the scanner from 17.2 pounds in place, removal of packing materials, and the release of the scan head. Accordingly has a combination of ISIS and TWAIN driver, and two Canon utilities scan for Windows 7 32 – and 64-bit, 64 bit Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 32-bit and 64 bit Windows 2000 SP2 and SP4 . According to Canon, all programs work on all operating systems the same as the drivers and utilities for scanning. A minor problem is that the software installation is more complicated than it should be. Worst case, however, I would call this a little uncomfortable, rather than a serious problem.

Somehow, the DR-2020U allows you to start a scan from the scan command in a program, any of the utilities Canon scanner or from a button on the front panel. A particularly nice touch is that, and three navigation buttons, copy, archive and email-the front panel also offers a menu based on LCD can choose to scroll through a list of jobs predefined scan. Instead of having to remember the number that corresponds to each type of scan, simply scroll through the list you want. Canon says that it is already using 1. 200 dpi scan element in the other scanners, it is actually less expensive than the use of this scanner too, instead of making 600-dpi scan elements separately. Even 600 dpi is more than enough for scanning documents, however, claimed that the optical resolution is not particularly important. At first glance, this may not seem a particularly rapid rate for the price. When I checked the NeatDesk much less expensive ($ 399.95), the company ordered, for example, I measured it at 25.4 ppm and 50.8 ipm. Apart from the fact that the scanner does not include NeatDesk a flat surface, however, the speed to scan an image file not tell the whole story. Much more relevant to the needs of most documents scanning is the speed of scanning and text recognition, usually to save a PDF file. With the Canon CapturePerfect utility and the same 50 pages of text documents in both cases, the DR-2020U time in 1 minute 23 seconds if it was scanning an image file or a PDF file. In comparison, the scanner NeatDesk took about a minute for the image file, but 5:35 to archive search. By definition, the package is sold by Canon to scan photographs. Than the approach is relatively complicated to install the software, the only other problem I found with the DR-2020U is the E-mail button on the front panel does not work the way they expected. But I hope that E-mail button to set the direction that I am sending an email a. Fortunately, there is an easy alternative in the form of a scan command of the email address you can through the Canon software, so it is difficult to count this as more a minor annoyance. It is also an easy winner as the choice of editors’ flatbed scanner for documents in the same category.

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