Best Laptop at £690


Best laptop at £690

With the slimmest figure, Acer dignified the ultraportable laptop computer in the market which is entitled U36J that runs in the shape of Intel Core i5 processor. Being slim and weighting just 1.5kg with 2cm thickness measuring at its extensive fraction of the body. With the semi-circular edge stick out of the battery pack made the unit a bit wide at the rear, so deliberated to support the elevation of the laptop making some instantaneous angle while on the lap or plane surface. The back point of this laptop is the absence of optical drive due to its slim figure. The key-feature of this laptop is it’s assortments of ports those are situated at the sides that includes one HDMI port, two standard USB ports and supporting USB 3.0 connection, lone VGA port and multi-memory card reader as well as Ethernet port also with microphone and headphone supportive sockets. Along with its lightweight construction, it feels comparatively solid. The rigid buttons of the touchpad are rigid by the nature and it has the stylish keyboard that leads to the smooth typing capability. With the pleasant experience in typing, more users prefer this laptop to do the lengthy typing documents on the go. With the Intel i5 dual-core processor with the processing speed of 2.67 GHz also featured with the turbo-boost competence make it goes up to 2.9 GHz and as a squad of 4GB RAM with the graphical interface of 310MB loaded with Nvidia GeForce. As long as you need, you have the 500GB capacity Hard Disk and 13.3 inches display inhabited 1366×768 resolution will probably let you to the conclude its propensity. It can run Windows7 64-bit version Professional edition more precisely and informatively. The brighter display let you watch movies of your like but keep in the sense that the absence of the optical drive take you to the end point but why to worry since you can watch them by streaming the video online or downloaded video content are handy. The viewing angle on this laptop goes better in the condition that the sight is horizontal but vertical is not so disgusting as well. It has the U36’J speaker system fully loaded and those speakers perform metallic sounding. There is no point in complaining since the laptop is so compact that the place is so much cramped and didn’t have the space for more sized components. And for sure, this laptop don’t go excellent with the games since the Asus didn’t cramped the best graphic drivers but could do better not the brilliant ones.

For the security measures, machine is equipped with the fingerprint recognition or mainly the sensor ones which the Windows7 supports as well located just below the touchpad just to authenticate the main user and lock the computer preventing from the strangers. It has one special feature as the other ones with the quick boot system and on pressing it, one can get their machine boots up on 10 sec. of time following the Asus Express Gate Cloud, basic low-resolution OS just to access the basic browser and check your mails and visits some web pages like facebook and twitter. It truly supports the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth technologies on the air with the VGA webcam. There is no other means that the battery runs quiet long time as a backup power for about 10hrs and machine is quieter and cool all the time. There are some clinks in this new machine due to its graphics property and the lack of the optical drive forfeited for the space consuming. The best thing in this laptop is its battery life and the slimmest figure and can occupy the £690 credit.

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