HTC Inspire 4G


HTC Inspire 4G

The HTC Inspire 4G is basically an EVO 4G version of AT&T. The Inspire 4G phone has a firm handset at an outstanding cost. People who love to take pictures will be delighted of its excellent 8 megapixel camera.


The Inspire 4G’s overall design is attractive, and you will find it so hard not to carry and hold it all the time. It is slightly skinnier than the EVO and some find it to be lightweight too. The 10.92 centimeter WVGA screen looks nice and gorgeous and the HTC superimposes sagacity. Under the display screen, there are distinctive Android buttons, i.e. Menu, Home, Search and Back. You will find the USB port on the base spine. On the left side are the volume keys and the power switch is located at the top part of the phone.

Social Networking & Web Services

The HTC’s aggregator for social networks allows you to check your friends’ status updates, pictures and shared links in one easy access. Social networking sites that are supported by the phone include Flickr, Twitter and Facebook and many more. The Inspire’s Sense features other versions at, which also happens to be the online service hub of the HTC Company; this also adds an additional height of safety to your handset. For example, if your handset is lost, you can simply use their online service to track your handset from a map. You can then send a command to make your phone echo an alert, and if you are unable to track your phone down, you will be capable of completely removing all of the data inside your phone with just a single control.


The Inspire can also be your mini television with a 10.92 centimeter display screen. But its drawback is that it has no kickstand and no HDMI port, therefore, you cannot really watch videos from your handset with your High Definition TV.

In spite of these cons, Inspire is an awesome media player; particularly with the addition of a Dolby Mobile encircle-sound feature. The Inspire 4G also works with Flash, which enables you to view Flash-enabled pages, watch Flash videos and also play games that are Flash-based.


Similar to the EVO, the Inspire comes with an 8-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus. Its quality of pictures is pretty amazing; photos shot outdoors gives bright and natural feelings along with crisp details. Photos taken indoors too give a pretty nice quality, though a few picture colors are a little oversaturated.

Call Quality

Call quality is pretty good with Inspire. A person on the other side of the line sounds clear, loud and natural. Phone gives no static or distortion nor any dropped calls.


Inspire is certainly an outstanding count to AT&T’s array and it is also a strong Android substitute to iPhone. The visibility of the screen, the good camera and the range of applications obtainable from the Android App store all adds up in the making of a brilliant phone perfect for making routine calls, messaging as well as amusement. “4G” refers to speed and, while during tests on network by many people, the Inspire certainly is not slow, however, it is not entirely fast either.

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