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Real Music Wherever You Go – 3 Cubed App for AndroidIf music is the thing that interests you very much, then do not wait anymore to buy 3 cubed which is the best music player for your Android Phone. The application developers are always keen in creating new apps for music lovers and 3 cubed is one of the best music player available in Android Phone.

The artistic treat available in this player is truly remarkable in the market of Android. The 3 cubed can be viewed from different modes such as boring, morph flow and the cubed mode. The app gained its name owing to the cubed view and you can find the function and form blended in excellent way in this app. The cube displays the letters alphabetically if you move it sideward and up and down movements will allow you to browse through number of artists in the music player.

After choosing your favorite artist from the entire list of music album, you can choose either play all where you can listen to all the songs or you can select queue all which allows the selected songs to play in a queue as per your convenience.

By selecting the wall view you can see the music album without any texts on the two columns. But in Morph flow view allows you to browse by tiles with art cover displayed on them. Likewise, in Boring view, you can see only the text without any art cover on it.

My choice is the medieval view of Morph flow mode and Cubed view. In any view, you can browse through the A to Z letters found on the side bar. The app also allows you to select themes like ‘Halftone’ and ‘Earthquake’ theme which creates added visual effects while playing the song.

With all the above features, the app 3 cubed looks really pretty. In spite of its animation effect the app runs fast and is truly responsive, with enriched graphical sequence. The app provides the convenience of selection as per your choice and it comes with a headset feature also.

The app 3 cube offers you to control the music from the home screen itself. The art cover which is displayed on the screen gives all the information about the music which was running. The app also provides you to lock the screen to attend a call, in case when you are listening to the music. So, you can just skip back without unlocking the phone and continue to listen to music as per your choice.

One error which was found in this app is it does not have the feature to save the play lists which interests you. You can only queue the songs or rearrange in any order but you can add to your play list to listen to them again. The touch screen mode should be distinguished clearly to avoid confusion. It would have been better if it could offer the feature of an equalizer as in MixZing app.

Setting aside these trivial matters, the 3 cubed is the ideal music player system for Android Phone and it stands distinguished in its style, and sleek design enabling you to listen to great music wherever you are.

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