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Medical care issues have been one of the dominating stories in the news. But if the truth can be told, most families probably see their dentist more times throughout the year than their GP or pediatrician.

Patients armed with extra knowledge about oral hygiene in general and dentistry in specific can save money, make better decisions and improve their health. These top 10 free dental apps are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. iBracesHelp
By the time their third child is in braces, parents usually consider themselves to be pretty decent experts on orthodontics. However, at least for the first couple of kids you have in braces, you’ll find this app truly helpful. It’s packed with pictures and videos on how to care for braces and even deal with problems. Topics included are home care, comfort tips, terminology, emergencies, facts and elastics. There’s also a FAQ section. iOS.

2. Mouth & Teeth
If you want to go somewhat beyond dental care, this free iOS app will take you there. It covers dental health and orthodontia, but also gives users great information on gum disease, oral cancer, tonsils and adenoids, snoring, voice disorders and more. If you’re having a problem anywhere in or near your mouth, you’re likely to find very useful information here.

3. BrushyTime
Are you tired of standing over your kids and forcing them to brush properly? This free iOS app will bring a pirate onboard to help you out. You can enter the length of time you want your children to brush—two minutes is usually recommended—and then a pirate ship sets sail and takes that length of time to get to its destination. There’s also a digital clock display mode.

4. Toothbrush Helper
This free Android app takes the smiley emoticon and morphs it into a character to help your children brush for the proper amount of time. Because so many children are visual learners, apps like this one can be more helpful when trying to instill good dental hygiene habits—they work far better than assigning one parent the job of hovering over the kids.

5. Tooth Fairy
If your kids are a little older and complain that the cartoon characters in the apps used to time brushing are too childish, this Android app is a good way to go. It guides users through timed brushing and uses photos to be sure that all quadrants of the mouth are covered. It can be set to use either vocal instructions or beeps to guide users.

6. Dental Plan
No discussion of health issues today would be complete without hitting the topic of insurance plans. This iOS app can get you started in your search for a dental plans and the application process. Hey, an app for applications! Vision plans and health plans are also included in the free app.

7. Dental Aid Lite
Your dentist may have this iOS app, but why not get a step ahead and download it yourself? This one is loaded with HD pictures and information to get you up-to-speed on just about every procedure you’ll encounter in your dental treatment plan whether you’re just going in for a checkup, need some teeth repaired, or require a replacement procedure. Armed with this app you’ll be the epitome of an informed dental care consumer.

8. Dental Expert
To get an even bigger picture of dental and oral health you’ll want to check out this free iOS app. Treatments are explained, including orthodontia, but it goes a few steps further. Issues like diet and nutrition, fear of dentists, bad breath, ways to hold down costs and other subjects are covered.

9. Tooth Protection Tips
Of course, the best way to prevent huge dental bills is to keep your teeth in good shape and visit your dentist only for routine exams and cleaning. The tips offered in this free Android app will get you going down that road.

10. Tooth Camp Lite
Here’s one last iOS app to get your family brushing properly. If your children aren’t motivated by cartoon characters or won’t listen to simple reasoning maybe a U.S. Army drill sergeant will put the fear of God into them. Okay, it’s not that extreme, but the drill instructor in this app does a great job leading users through an excellent 2-minute brushing routine.

Chris Tuberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for Dental Implants Clinics, an online directory of United Kingdom dentists offering dental implants services.

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