Leader of Laptops: Sony EA series


Leader of Laptops- Sony EA series

EA series of Sony VAIO is the ultimate solution for your laptop. Accompanied with number of customization options this medium sized laptop is reasonably priced to suit your budget. It comes in different attractive colors and is not too slim or too heavy. The EA series comes midway between all other models and provides unique experience while surfing on it.

The price of EA series starts from $699 and the price goes up with additional features and style. The VPCEA22FX model is available for 849 dollars including attractive features like 4 GB storage, 350 M CPU along with DVD and RW drives. For paying this price you have the choice of selecting colors from pink, green, blue, purple or black glossy finish.

If you opt for other hardware technology in this VAIO EA series then pay $50 for Radeon mobility 5470 and pay $100 extra for having mobility 5650. Having Intel HD with core i3 CPU is enough for carrying on the necessary computing task and for accessing high definition video but not suited for game and other entertainment options. The battery is capable of working three and half hours if you charge it one time. For adding more power, either you should go for updated the CPU or enhance the RAM.

The software technology in VAIO offers enough for a person to browse. You are provided with Norton Antivirus and Office 2010 and added Shutter fly website. Its default web browser is Chrome but if you want you can opt for Internet Explorer 8. Using VAIO trouble shooting system you can fix any problem in restoring and recovering the data. It is adapted with media gallery application from Sony with attractive feature. You can choose for Fresh start option of Sony if you have in your laptop Windows 7 with 64 bit edition. But this feature is not available with Windows Home Premium 7 is a disappointing factor.

Visually the laptop looks attractive. The outer surface is toned with color and offers glossy look and again it size is compact for an ideal laptop. The keyboard is elegantly styled and is the best I have ever used and the keys navigate easily providing fast response. The touch pad gives you the feeling of touching the sandpaper and is capable of tracking movements of your finger tips. Two buttons which are prominent are located below the touch pad and you should apply mild pressure by pressing it to activate. It is equipped with ports also. Three USB ports are found along with optical drive on the right hand side. The left side consists of giga bit Ethernet and Express card and USB e-SATA port. Front side corner is having memory card on the left side front and mike and headphone are located on the right hand side front corner. The display of the screen is satisfactory with average viewing angles and brightness.

The Sony VAIO EA series is ideal for you equipped with all the essential features, compact and stylish with good performance.

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