Can You Digg?


Imagine a social networking site that allows its users to gather all the newest happenings in the world at one time. A site that allows a user to share their content, find people to follow, and post their comments. Then yes, you can Digg. A member of Digg can link a story to their profile and those who follow can view the story, like or dislike, comment, and keep spreading the word. When you sign up there are categories to choose to follow and get a personal feed of the type of data you want to read about; whether it is politic, offbeat, or even lifestyle.

How It Helps Your Traffic

Digg has a page rank of 6, which means that if you add you link to this site, it in turn will back link to Google at a higher rate. If you Digg a story and leave a comment with your site user name that will also index. It is another way to show that your site is worth looking at. However; it is not site to spam your affiliate link nor leave random comments to a popular story. As with any social site, you must participate to gain follows and popularity.

Where do the stories come from?

The site is like a giant hub for users to read the latest stories all around the world, and some that may not be reachable to some. As some may use Yahoo or other new sources; Digg is like the news paper’s social site for sharing. Some members link their blogs or tech sites that share offers or updates on that subject.

Digg often

As any other social media site works, Digging often will increase your credibility as will being active in the comments. While the site is intended to index a members personal content it is also a way to become a valued member by submitting breaking stories that involve the most popular topics in the news stream. Celebrity news, politics, and technology are the most notable topics to submit your personal findings.

Profile your niche

For Digg to work for you it is important to list sites that pertain to your personal niche. If it is cooking, then submit the latest or hottest recipe or celebrity chef bashing on your personal feed. This will make you a reliable entity for that particular subject. Any other member of Digg will then turn to your news feed to read and “dig” a story, which in turn creates a larger following and popularity rate.

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