Tweet Faster with Tweetcaster HD – an Android Application Review


Tweet Faster with Tweetcaster HD – an Android Application Review

Tweetcaster HD is just the perfect application for those who constantly update their tweets anywhere and anytime of the day. If users are somewhere away from a computer and there is something that they needed to rant about on Twitter, then they can do just that directly on their mobile!  Precisely designed for Android Honeycomb HD, this application will let the user post tweets like he is really using a computer since the format looks exactly the same and functions exactly just like the online version.

For the features, Tweetcaster HD’s newest is the Tweetcaster Smart Filters which permits the user to categorize and view videos, links, or photos separately. This makes searching for Medias a lot easier. For example, if the user just wants to watch videos and don’t want to take time scrolling down because there are so many unrelated posts, then he can actually do just that! The application permits the user to filter and categorize your newsfeeds. Another amazing element of this application is its “zip-it” feature. This works by blocking unwanted tweets in your newsfeed. He just simply type the keywords of the tweets that he wants to be blocked and the application will immediately do the job for him. Furthermore, this enables the user to block tweets only and not necessarily un-follow anyone who owns the annoying posts. The application also has two panels (left and right) for easy and immediate viewing, just like how it is used in the online version. On the left panel, the user can see the timeline or the twitter feeds including the buttons for mentions, retweets, searches, lists, and others. On the right panel is where viewing the profile is located, may it be the owner’s profile or that of the contacts. What’s also good with Tweetcaster HD is that the user can have access to Twitlonger which allows him to tweet posts without as much as worrying about the limited number of characters. It enables users to tweet longer posts compared to the 140 characters that Twitter allows. Users don’t have to take time rewording everything they say. Additionally, it allows the users to update their status not only with Twitter but also with Facebook all at once! Tweetcaster HD also has the “search” option where users can just directly type the name or keyword of who or what they are looking for and save what they have searched for updates, new tweets, or future references. Same as the online version, this application also allows users to see their @replies in a conversation pattern, categorize your tweets by color coding, and a lot more!

The only downer of this application is that Tweetcaster HD has no widget. The user sometimes forgets about it and misses out on important tweets and updates. Other than that, Tweetcaster HD is a great application which is very easy to operate. It is also graphically attractive! And the best thing about it is that it can be downloaded with no payment at all. It’s totally for free.

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