Get Updated to Sports with Hitpost Sports Android Application


Get Updated to Sports with Hitpost Sports Android Application

Hitpost Sports is an Android application that lets the user view live stream videos of sport games and update themselves with the latest sports happenings! The application can give the user the latest and live updates, game scores and standings of their favorite teams! Users don’t have to wait to reach home to get updated with sports and see their favorite teams playing on television! This application is also like a social network where people share the same interest about sports and post articles, photos and other media content related to it. Aside from getting information from official sources, it also lets the user get updates from the other users of the application.

What’s good about this application is that there are several popular sports to choose from, may it be NBA Basketball, NFL football, NCAA and a lot more. So for example the user wants to receive updates from your favorite teams on NBA, then he can just simply choose or select your teams from the list and follow them so that you can have the latest information regarding the recent games, you favorite players, and the likes. The user can also have all your favorite teams in only one page or in one viewing all at once according to his preference. The application will directly create feeds based on the teams that the user has selected through official sports news feeds like Sports Network, Sportsline, etc. and from sports blogs and other users. Additionally, it has a search option wherein the user can just simply type the name of a player, coach or a manager and immediately, the application will generate all the information needed.

Now suppose you are watching sports on television and you captured a very good photo of your favorite player or a still-shot of a very significant event during the game on your mobile and you want to share it online, then that would be very possible with this application. Hitpost Sports lets the user upload and share it with other people. It can let the user comment on articles, upload your very own photos, add places, and write your his sport update which makes him an instant Hitpost reporter! Moreover, the user can also share some posts to both Facebook and Twitter accounts so more people would know about it.

Now the only thing that needs to be remembered in using Hitpost Sports application is to connect it to the users’ email address or Facebook account so that the user can directly access the application the next time that he needs to use it. Another thing, this version still does not support other types of sports such as Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Poker, Nascar, and some others. Other than that, this application is very easy and handy to use especially if the users are away from home, from a television or a computer and they want to update themselves with the latest news about sports. The users can also have it anytime because it can be downloaded for free.

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