MyNetDiary Application Review


MyNetDiary Application Review

Many iPhone health applications have been launched to jump start the year 2011, one of the most popular ones is the MyNetDiary application. This application is a food, exercise, and weight control program diary which allows users to search and record food intake and exercises done by only doing a few taps on their iPhones.

The MyNetDiary application is very helpful and convenient tool to anyone who wants to achieve their ideal weight; may it be shed off weight, gain just enough weight, and control current weight. It has many features: a calorie counter, a meal bar, an exercise bar, a weight tab, a line graph bar, a water log, a measurements log, and other support features.

One of the great features of this app being enjoyed by many is the Calorie Counter. This feature can be used to monitor the food intake daily. To start off the user has to input some necessary data to create a profile. Through this profile you will then be able to know what you need to, in specific numbers and units, achieve to reach that ideal weight and body. You need this to guide you in setting up your daily calorie allowances.

As the application’s name implies, it is a diary. This is served by the meal bar, exercise bar, and weight tab which takes note of total calories taken in for every specific meal, total calories that have been burned in every workout, and shows the total weight that have been lost and gained so far respectively. And to serve the purpose of application it has the line graph bar to show the trend and analyzes how well you are doing towards achieving your goal.

MyNetDiary can be considered a very specific health diary. It has a water log specific to calculate and remind you on how to support your weight loss/gain program with water therapy. Then, it also has the important measurements log, useful for Body Mass Index (BMI) computations, takes tabs of neck, waist, and hip measurements daily allowing you to see your progress in another aspect.

A diary would allow you to take note and create a record, and it could also serve as support system. In MyNetDiary you can add notes needed like reminders of vitamins and medications that must be taken in a certain time frame, put up before and after photos, and join a support community to push you forward towards that goal further.

Many testimonials of how they had achieved their ideal body and weight by using the MyNetDiary application. It has been described to have made the process food and exercise journaling much easier. It has been considered be a robust and comprehensive application. It has been praised for giving great online service. It has been said to be an excellently synched and worth using application. All these praises makes the MyNetDiary an iPhone application worthy of getting a 5 out of 5 rating.

Despite the it’s perfect rating, MyNetDiary is an application that still needs improvement in little yet useful details; like how its daily calorie allowances tab doesn’t allow the option of choosing smaller calories, site users opt if the site can actually provide them options in reducing their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in their desired and in similar proportions.

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