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It’s time to say goodbye to 2011, but wait! You can still witness the last excitement of the year! Beginning from December 18th for almost 11 days, the famous Qualcomm stadium will be renamed Snapdragon Stadium and it will host three football games including two college bowl games during this holiday season. Football fans are going crazy with this exciting news; almost 30 million viewers for all three matches are expected to make an appearance. The details of these matches are:

  1. Baltimore Ravens vs. San Diego Chargers on December 18th
  2. San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on December 21st
  3. Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl on December 28th

Additionally, the new name will be revealed on all these dates and venues.

Qualcomm signed a 20 year naming rights deal for the San Diego Stadium in 1997. This year, for promotional purposes, they have named the stadium after its latest wireless chip processor “Snapdragon”. Snapdragon processors have powered 300 smartphones while working with 30 manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC. Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made by HTC, Samsung, Nokia and LG mobile devices. These amazing processors are also found in renowned phones like HTC Thunderbolt and HTC desire.

Snapdragon processors are mostly found in smartphones and tablets; they are capable of working with Blackberry 7, Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems. Along with a longer battery life, they provide flexibility when it comes to running multiple applications at a time. Due of their advancements, they have been featured in a number of Smartbooks. The Smartbook is a new addition in the world of technology, which combines and makes use of netbooks and smartphones features. Other than that, with their advanced processing power, Snapdragon processors are great for multitasking and mobile gaming.

Qualcomm has released three types of Snapdragon processors; S1, S2 and S3.

S1 Snapdragon Processor: S1 Snapdragon processors allow you to take pictures along with videos and share them. You can also play games, download and watch movies.

S2 Snapdragon Processor: S2 Snapdragon is more technically advanced than S1. This processor provides a rich gaming experience and allows you to capture high quality pictures and videos. Along with that, it facilitates HD video viewing via a browser along with clear audio and 720p streaming.

S3 Snapdragon Processor: This is the most advanced snapdragon processor available, which allows its users to take and share pictures and videos in 3D. It is designed for streaming movies in 1080p HD and is HDMI-out proficient. It possesses amazing surround sound quality as well and is a must-have for those who prefer console quality gaming.

However, let’s not forget that naming a stadium on its high tech processor, is a big deal as well. It is predicted that Qualcomm will earn millions by building name recognition this way, as it can go a long way in allowing it to snag an advertising spot in the NFL game (which usually costs around $500,000). However, Snapdragon stadium is a temporary name, but the amazing features of Snapdragon processors will continue to benefit mobile devices for a long time to come.

Please note that if you miss watching those exciting matches live in the Snapdragon Stadium, you can still watch them on ESPN.

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