The First Large Screen on The Market Gives This GPS an Advantage


The First Large Screen on The Market Gives This GPS an Advantage

The GPS is an invaluable device for the traveler. It can help you navigate your way around new areas, and can also help you journey to and from set points efficiently without needing to stop and ask for directions, or read maps. The Magellan Maestro 5310 is one of these devices that aim to allow for many features to be displayed at a reasonable price, giving you the one of the better deals on the market.

With a large LCD screen, the navigation maps can be seen in incredible detail, and you will find that your driving experience is enhanced due to the larger images and arrows. There are other models on the market that also boast this size of screen, but this one was one of the first, and as such still retains many of the original qualities that first drew people in. The price range sits at $200, which is exceptional for the features that are both intelligent and innovative. The large display gives the device more bulk, but this allows room for the rechargeable lithium ion battery, meaning that the power output is slightly greener than others in the range.   Of course, the device also comes with other additions such as an adapter for charging elsewhere, and different suction cups for various areas, as well as an antenna and USB cable to receive information from both radio and computer.

There is often little need to update the information, as the built in maps that offer astounding points of interest and integrated traffic receivers will be incredibly useful to the traveler. The alerts are often necessary on several routes, especially with some areas that are full of congestion at many different times. Not only does this model warn you of difficulties you might encounter, but also offers an alternative route that could save you a decent amount of waiting time.

Other functions the 5310 have to offer are relatively notable, and their text to speech feature is no exception. The street names ring out loud and clear, and the driving experience is enhanced by the fast response times to wrong turns or delays. The touch screen is also incredibly responsive, and very easy to enter addresses, even if you need to stop multiple times along the way. The routes can be selected by shortest distance or time, but sadly will not select routes to avoid.

Other flaws on this device are the limitations of selecting the vehicle you are traveling in, so can not accurately give you directions for the different areas you can go through. This is definitely a disadvantage when you are driving a truck and need to avoid certain roads. For the most part though, the flaws can be overlooked, and the benefits of the device such as the AAA Tour Book and lodging information definitely give this particular machine an advantage over other models in both the price range and the design settings. As Magellan is constantly improving the device, it comes highly recommended.

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