Tips For Keeping Your Systems Free Of Spam and Viruses


Managing a business today is no small task, as almost every aspect of the business can be difficult to maintain. Even simple things that shouldn’t create problems for you can somehow create significant issues. Before you started your business, you probably didn’t imagine that keeping the various company e-mail inboxes free of spam would be a major concern, but it can indeed create some very real problems. If your employees are receiving spam messages, they could contain links with viruses that could infiltrate your system and be extremely costly to repair. It’s important then to have software and procedures in place in order to protect the systems of yours and the other employees. What kinds of things can you do to eliminate spam from your inboxes?

Tips For Keeping Your Systems Free Of Spam and Viruses

Use the Software You Have

Many small businesses use popular e-mail providers for their main company e-mail addresses. While this is probably not the best solution, it does work for a lot of business owners. All popular e-mail providers have built-in spam filters to prevent dangerous e-mails from making their way into your inbox. Be sure to customise these filters so that they work for you and your employees. If you’re using a more professional e-mail system, it’s likely that there are even stronger security measures available to prevent spam messages from getting into your inboxes.

Use Supplementary Software

There is supplemental software out there that can do a great job keeping spam out of your inboxes, and they can work even better than the filters used by many major corporate e-mail management programs. Software such as MailCleaner will stop spam before it ever reaches your inbox using advanced filtering tactics. This keeps your systems as safe as possible without the hassle of fiddling with local software. This kind of software is perfect for organisations, both large and small, because it scans each message before it allows it to go through to your inbox.

Use Education

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely block out spam messages since the tactics of these individuals are always changing. That means that a small percentage of dangerous messages will get through any set of filters that you have in place. At this point, you and your employees have to take over to ensure that your systems are safe. You should use education to ensure that all of your employees know what is safe in terms of e-mail. If your employees do not normally receive messages from outside of the organisation, perhaps you could require them to delete any message that does not come from inside the organisation. You could make it a company policy that nobody should click on any link that is not sent to them from another employee. In truth, spam messages are usually easy to detect, but there are some cases where spammers are very good at disguising messages to look legitimate. Normally a virus will require permission to be installed on a system. Thus, you could also require administrator permission to install any software so that your employees are unable to install these viruses accidentally.

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