Dr. Nano X: Incredible Voyage Inside The Body


Dr. Nano XMission Critical Studios have taken on a year-long mission to develop this intricate 3D Platformer game called Dr. Nano X. The brand new iOS game has been designed specially or iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The adventure begins with you in total control of a 3D avatar with your Dual Stick Controls. Like all other graphical companies vying for a place in the app stores to get attention from customers or iPod game fanatics, Dr. Nano barges in with something unique.

The Idea:

Unlike the hi-fi, majestic ideas of other games involving high speed, acrobatics, violence and over-the-top adventures, this game will suit people who want their brains to be as much involved as their hands and eyes. Yes, to me it seems just that an intellectually advanced game for Biology lovers and game lovers alike. This game makes boasts of ‘nano’ techniques rather than gigantic heroes to fight off evils.

The Game:

Dr. Nano shrinks down to the size of his name –Nano (minute and invisible to the naked eye). You can choose the main characters from given options (there is even a bubble gum doc for girls probably). You will be told that a wound, lesion or injury has been detected on your patients’ body resulting in parasites and bacteria that were never heard of before. For this reason, your patient has been quarantined and kept away from normal life. Your task is to find it and relieve the patient of the pain by working from ‘inside’ rather than giving pills or topical treatment. Yes as the logo says ‘the Doctor is Inside’. Your Nano X has the ability to shrink itself and seek the parasites or your ‘villains’ which have been given all sort of repulsive names like pathogens, gangrenes, maggots, etc, target them and kills them one by one.

The Graphics:

I must say the graphics are very interesting and engaging. You will see all sort of vivid body colors- red in blood cells, skin color, grey matter within pale background in the brain, black fleas, blue monsters(nanobots), flame colored attacked site (showing body inflammation) etc. The dual sticks show you your exact location. You will have a score card appearing at times. The human body can be focused in and out of with a hand symbol. The Dr. Nano itself is not so appealing or ‘heroic’ in my opinion. But maybe if your superheroes are shrunk to that size, no girl would dream of dating him and no boy would imitate him ever.

Your part as Dr. Nano

You can be dropped on the skin surface surrounded by hair papillae and sweat glands where you kill harmful germs to rid the patient of the terrible skin infection or you can go inside the body and deeper into, through organs where you see blood cells, platelets, nerves and even DNA. Your job is to seek the inflammation inside and kill the parasite from the root with different weapons for each bug. As a player, you can sue the dual sticks, jet-packs, scientific instruments and many other tools while your Dr. Nano will be handling a different weapon each time to encounter his ‘biological enemy’ (couldn’t think of a better name). You can focus out of a deep area and dive into some other part like the brain where ‘terrorist developed nanobots’ – which will be your arch enemy being nanobot yourself- are reportedly burrowing into your patients brain (the brain must have been thinking of which iPhone app to choose from, you can always drop your Nano X advertisement there after rendering your services). You would feel glad to find the ‘grey matter’ being infested by weird alien-like nanobots as you walk through the nervous endings collecting puzzles. You will get points (and pats) for your puzzle pieces.

Last Word:

As little as the Nano world may seem, you will have ‘molecular’ pleasure in playing it esp. if you have some biology know-how and even if you don’t you will still enjoy your ride because afterall you do have a skin and blood and organs, so dive deep and fight!

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