LG Optimus S


LG Optimus S

The Optimus S has a 3.2-megapixel camera and an 8.12 centimeter touchscreen. It features Mobile Hotspot in order to connect, via its 3G connection, as many as 5 Wi-Fi machines to the Internet. The Optimus S is a dual-band EV-DO & (850/1900 MHz) electronic device.

Design and Call Quality

The Optimus S measures 11.43 by 5.85 by 1.27 centimeters (Height x Width x Dimension) and it weighs approximately 4.6 ounces. Its users find it comfy in hand, with a smooth touch finishing in a pleasing slate gray color and tapered design. Top edge and sides are graced by sharp silver inflection lines. The 8.12 centimeter touch screen LCD features 320-by-480 resolution that is general for Android. The interface itself is a bit miniature; however, it is adequately brilliant, colorful, and receptive to touches. Four function keys are placed right under the screen.

Call quality is clear and good. Call dialing can be performed without preparation over Bluetooth, but not very efficiently. Sometimes, it would estimate incorrectly and will begin to dial someone you had not talked to in months. Its speakerphone sounds too small, but it does go loud making things easy to comprehend. Battery life is excellent and will remain good even after six hours of conversation.


LG Optimus comes with the autofocus 3.2 megapixel camera with VGA and macro video footage, however, with no flash. Pictures shot by this phone are pretty good, especially if taken in good brightness or outdoor. Colors are a little muffled, but overall coverage is good. Its performance in low-light is astonishingly well-brought-up, and clamor is reserved under organization at the expenditure of a little facet. Recording videos is a bit bouncy, but else sufficient. Though T-Mobile’s Optimus is low in the devoted 2-stage camera key than the Sprint’s edition, it reimburses by reinstating the normal Android application of camera with LG’s outstanding interface.


The Optimus S dishes out a delicious scrap of vanilla Froyo, each frivolously scattered with an exclusive mixture of toppings. You’ll enjoy the whole Froyo decency in both situations, inclusive of WiFi hotspot function. All the regularly used applications are included such as Latitude, Maps, Gmail, Talk, Places, Search and so on. Unluckily, this handset also comprises Android’s dreary music player. The User Interface is receptive and everything is felt to be fairly snappy performance-wise, as you can expect from a couple of contemporary handsets operating simple Android 2.2. Its browser can handle any large websites without trouble.

One drawback of the Optimus S is that it doesn’t have flash. Flash is not included yet in the phones features but they’re planning to upgrade the phone.


There’s totally no uncertainty that the Optimus S provides unbelievable worth. With updated software, good hardware, and most significantly, strong performance, there’s nothing that both first-time and old Android users will not like in this phone. T-Mobile’s edition appears to be the conqueror at this point with a better camera implementation, useful extras like Wi-Fi calling and FM radio, worldwide roaming and a lower price.

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