Mozilla Firefox 4, New Features And What To Expect


Mozilla Firefox 4, New Features And What To Expect

The brand new version of Mozilla Firefox has finally been released! It began, like a lot of things these days, as a leak onto the internet, available for download while the 3.6 version was still the only one available on the official website, but now Firefox 4 has been released, and you can head over to Mozilla’s website to download it today for a great new and fresh experience with your favorite web browser.

Firefox 4 has been especially designed to provide safer, faster, and overall a better online browsing experience with its new features. You can immediately see the difference compared to its predecessor once you have it on your computer. The first thing you’ll notice is the slim-lined appearance—as soon as you open your browser you will be shocked to see how much browsing space you have compared to the old version, and this is due to the fact that the menu area of Firefox 4 has been shaved down to the bare minimum. Instead of being situated in a bar with the normal commands like “file,” “edit,” “view” etc. there is only one drop down menu to click on. Inside that menu is everything you need—bookmarks, history, options, and all of the other features you are used to in a web browser—except now there is even more space in which you can view your webpage through.

Another greatly noticeable feature that comes with Firefox 4 is that there is an entire part of this new browser dedicated to Add Ons, which also includes a gigantic library of themes and program extensions you can enjoy. You can change the appearance of your browser to suit your mood daily, as there are hundreds to choose from—and all of them free, and user generated. Even you could create your own theme and have other users download it and use it! It is also much more organized, and now includes a search specifically for Firefox’s inner workings that you can take advantage of should you have any trouble using the new version.

Firefox 4 comes with the Gecko 2.0 engine, which supports many of the newest and best available technologies used for processing, especially for 64 bit operating systems. This version of Firefox was specially designed for such operating systems, and its capabilities extend to many of them, from the older Windows systems such as 200 and Windows Server 2003, to Vista, Windows 7, and even Linux.

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