Polythene And Polylite Films And Tubes


For important mailings, UK polythene manufacturers have developed outstanding films and tubes that preserve the integrity of documents and lightweight products delivered by mail or delivery service. These heavy duty films have been tested to meet the roughest handling. These films are far more economical than their paper counterparts.

If you have ever received documents that have been punctured, damaged by weather or careless handling, you can eliminate those risks with UK polythene manufactured films. When correspondence needs to be delivered in its original form, using polythene films is the answer.

The materials used to manufacture these films are an assortment that can be either mono or co-extruded. The films can be plain or in any of eight basic colors. Reputable UK polythene manufacturers usually provide free sample rolls.

Polylite mailing films

Polylite mailing films utilize a 3-layer extrusion that permits the manufacturer to produce a surprisingly thin but heavy duty film. Polylite lightweight film features high clarity and provide about 36-47 percent more usable film per roll than do polythene rolls. Hence, polylite film reduces transport costs, provides less waste and requires fewer roll changes.

Lay Flat Tubing

Another popular product is lay flat tubing. This tubing is provided on a convenient sized roll. When cut and sealed to length, this tubing is used to preserve the integrity of longer items. Products and documents transported in these tubes are protected from the elements and careless handling by carriers. They also make a good impression upon arrival.

Most UK manufacturers choose polylite for these special tubes. This is a lightweight, durable material much more cost-effective than polythene tubes. These tubes are very favorably priced and represent a wise choice by informed buyers. The films and tubes range from 200mm to 12 meters. Thickness ranges from 12.5mu to 400mu. Like films, tubes can be purchased in any of eight colors. Tubes can also be printed.

Collation Shrink Film

Another popular product from UK polythene and polylite manufacturers is collation shrink film. Once again the customer’s choices are many. Collation shrink film can be purchased plain or in eight printed colors. These films are especially popular in food and beverage packs. For a tight, secure package, collation shrink film is unsurpassed for toughness and holding items in place.

For transport, long or short-term storage when multiple items are collated in the package or for display, collation shrink film is a winning tool. Collation shrink film also comes in polylite. To make the best decision for your goods, contact UK polythene manufacturers to explore all your options.

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