Restaurant Story: Managing Restaurant in your Android Phone


Restaurant Story Managing Restaurant in your Android phone

The Restaurant Story™, created by TeamLava, LLC., is a simulation application for the Android platform and looks like facebook-style type of games like Farmville and Restaurant City. The goal of the game is to run a successful restaurant. In this Android game, the user acts as a manager and owner of a real restaurant. The manager is in charge of everything. First, the manager/owner designs a restaurant in such a way that will entice people to come and eat. The decorations, walls, lay out, and the furniture should be taken into consideration. Second, the manager prepares the menu of food for the customers. As the level increases, more food options will be available to be served to the customers. Third, the manager upgrades the equipments such as the ovens, tables, and chairs to better serve the restaurant’s guests. If the customers are happy with the services, the restaurant earns money in return. This money is then used to purchase the furniture and other cooking stuff the restaurant needs to operate effectively. Being creative in choosing the right mix of things to impress different kinds of customers is a always a plus factor.

Once the game has started, the user gets to name the restaurant. It will start off at a small restaurant space with few tables, chairs, two stoves, and a worker. From there, one must earn money to buy the things needed in the restaurant such as furniture and cooking tools. Food in the menu is important and should also be considered. There are hundreds of dishes to choose from. Each food item is being cooked in a certain amount of time. There are dishes one can cook for 5 minutes and some would take a day. The cooking time can also be expedited by using the green gems. The green gems may also be bought with real money to upgrade the restaurant. Also, each food item served can only last in a particular span of time. As the customers increase, it is best to expand the restaurant by adding more furniture and purchasing bigger area. There are levels where one can unlock food, equipments, and cooking utensils. One can gain a level by earning stars from having satisfied customers.

In Restaurant Story, one can also invite a real-life friend to join the game and compete over who has the better restaurant. There is a chance to view other player’s restaurants, even get or leave restaurant tips to and from them and exchange gifts as well. Thus, this application requires internet connection since the restaurant becomes part of a network of other gamers around the world.

The only disadvantage of this Android application is that it is a pretty big download at first and will take 14 mb of the memory. Other than that, the application is generally fun, interesting, easy to navigate and simply addictive. Plus, new content such as dishes, decorations, and themes is added every week so the application continually gets even better. Plus, this application is free for download for an Android-able phone.

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