Angry Birds Application on IPhone


Angry Birds Application on IPhone

Angry Birds is one of the gaming applications featured in an iPhone developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd.  and was released on December 11, 2009. For a selling price of about $0.99 to $1.99, a gamer gets to enjoy a puzzle action directing flightless birds attack egg-stealing pigs using a slingshot. These green pigs conceal themselves in houses made of wood, metal, and/or glass and the aim is to shoot the weak point of these materials to destroy the whole structure. Once these structures are destroyed, the structures go down to the location of the pigs. Thus, the attack to the pigs becomes easier. Basically, the user’s power and the set amount of birds declare the attacks’ success.

Before, one criticism of the Angry Birds application is the lack of length. Until recently, a new update has been made to Angry Birds application. It has added 42 new stages now. Thus, this application has evolved into an addictive extensive game from being just a mere simple puzzle. Also, there is a wide array of angry birds a gamer can use to attack. Some of these are the basic red cannonballed, little blue birds that split into three when being tapped in mid-flight, and the yellow dive-bomber. The most effective is a big black bird that explodes on a time delay and takes out large portions of the area with it. Using the right bird at the right time is the way to finish the stages. Finishing a stage in a single shot is also an extra factor. All of these attacks are controlled by the use of the fingers. The game is simple that the only concern is to pull the bird back in its sling with your finger. The input will tell both the shot’s angle of approach and speed.

The points a gamer will earn depends on how many birds he or she uses to destroy all the pigs in a particular stage. The fewer the birds one uses or the more that remain alive, the more points will there be. One may earn up to three stars. Once a stage is completed, it immediately unlocks the next. Any stage is also re-playable for those who want to perfect the game. Replaying the stages over and over may help the gamer locate a single point in the structure that could drop the houses with a single shot. It is no wonder that this is the aim of most gamers of the application.
For those who use the application often, Angry Birds could and should be over within an hour or so. With nice puzzle designs, comical noises as background, and excellent atmosphere, Angry Birds is enormously addictive. For those who signs up at the social network Crystal, they can compare their scores with other Angry Birds players and place their achievements on leaderboards.

With its cost, downloading Angry Birds application for iPhone is a great deal. A gamer won’t regret it. Angry Birds is exceptionally addicting and is loaded with personality.

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