Why Pheed Could be the Next big Thing in SEO


One of the newest kids on the block, Pheed is becoming increasingly popular among creative people across the world. It was initially reported that Pheed is a social networking site that combines the best of everything. It has features of Facebook, behaves like Twitter and can act like MySpace if one chooses to. Consequently, lots of musicians, artists, designers and writers have taken to Pheed and it might as well become the next big thing in the world of SEO. Pheed has everything that makes it important for an SEO maven to pay more attention to it. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Pheed is a new platform
  2. Pheed is popular with the creative types
  3. Pheed is used mostly by youngsters who have spending power
  4. Pheed combines the goodness of Facebook and Twitter
  5. Images, videos, links, text and other media can be shared
  6. Pheed allows paid broadcasting


With all this in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise if more people start using Pheed as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Let us take a look at why Pheed can be a major asset to the profession of SEO:

Pheed gives importance to privacy and data protection

Pheed states that it gives a lot of importance to privacy and users’ data. It declares that what is shared belongs to only the person who shared it and if he or she chooses so, they can even mark it as copyrighted. This means, search engines like Google will give Pheed more importance because of its credibility.

Pheed drives traffic

Thanks to all the links that are shared on Pheed, creative content will get more traffic and more visibility. What is heard on Pheed will tend to be reblogged by others so that it can be viewed across a wider audience.

Pheed is cross-platform compatible

Pheed allows updates to be broadcast on Facebook and Twitter as well. For instance, when content is shared on Pheed, it can automatically be shared on Twitter and Facebook as well. This makes Pheed very versatile and a very stable platform.

Pheed is free to use

Pheed is free to use and one does not have to pay anything to utilize its benefits. It also is a great way to monetize one’s content through subscriptions.

Pheed allows you to charge for subscription

Based on how important you think you are, one can charge people a monthly subscription fee. Only those who pay can view your ‘Pheed’. However this is not mandatory and one can keep one’s Pheed accounts non-premium or non-paid as well.

Pheed is a new platform that an SEO expert must become aware of. Most SEO pros do not know about Pheed yet and now is the time to start using it and learn more about it. It will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years and may play important roles in the field of SEO. Only when we are prepared for the future can we aim for success and monetization in SEO.

Author Bio: Idania  is a social media professional and an SEO expert. She has often written extensively for SEO related matters and is widely respected in the community.

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