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With the onset of versions of gaming applications for Android phones becoming more and more updated, yet another one of the hottest ones released and updated as of today is the 23 MB Age Of Zombies 1.0.8 version. Although this gaming application was first tested and made usable only for XPERIA Play handsets, it has now lost its exclusivity and is now playable on all Android phones that run on a 1.6 OS or higher in the current market. Updated only last June 23, 2011, Halfbrick Studios is now offering this incredibly fun game at a download rate of as low as $2.99.

Even at a price that affordable, the gameplay itself relatively simple but radical. The player’s in-game auto-character is that of the hero who goes by the silly name of Barry Steakfries. This hero’s main mission is to eradicate all zombies that cross his path using whatever weapon he can get his hands on.

Two gaming modes are available for the player to choose from. One of these modes is the Story Mode that allows the player to enter five different worlds full of zombies, with three corresponding levels for each world. The other mode, which is the Survival mode, puts the player’s skills to test by providing eight different boards on which they’re to kill as many zombies as they can to keep their hero alive. The latest version for Androids is now made even better with the new features Halfbrick Studios added to it. The player can get up to three additional achievements, three new survival maps, and two more weapons. A leaderboard is also set up so that the players can compare their Zombie-killing spree scores with other Age of Zombies players.

The game control keys are simple enough to maneuver as well. Dual virtual joysticks are made available for the player’s disposal; one of which is used to move the hero and the other of which is used to shoot the zombies. A simple tutorial on how to use the control is provided at the very start of the game, but after that is shown, the game commences and the player will find himself hurled right into the first level which is set as the Prehistoric era, where the player will find himself coming up against zombie cavemen and zombie dinosaurs that come closing in on the zero and can as much as have him trapped to a corner with no means of escape before he even realizes how that happened.

Like most gaming applications, Age of Zombies appears quite simplistic in nature at first glance because of its cute characters and somewhat easy how-to-do, but players shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the cute zombies are a cinch to wipe off the face of the block. Those little zombies have their own set of skills and tactics that are bound to get the player’s mind ticking. With the game as a whole having just the right amount of thrill and excitement, zombie-blasting has never been quite so simple yet hard to do, and never been quite this fun. Age of Zombies is certainly one Android app must-have.

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